Belonging is holding a feeling of connection. or credence to other people. topographic points or groups. This enables us to make a sense of individuality for ourselves and helps us experience as though we ‘fit in’ . In the undermentioned texts ; Novel. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. movie. Bend it Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha and the vocal. Adolescents by My Chemical Romance ; we can see links between the texts and how the characters feel a sense of belonging and non belonging.

In the first text The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri which is about the Ganguli household. Ashima. Ashoke. Sonia and Gogol. but the narrative is chiefly focused on Ashima and Gogol. In the novel we see the positions of Gogol and how he feels about his traditional Indian household. and we see Ashima’s positions of how Gogol chooses to populate in a westernised manner. The type of audience that the Namesake purposes at is immature grownups to grownups. people who like reading about the Indian civilization. or merely like Indian books. The intent of this text shows how person can hold a sense of experiencing that they don’t belong anyplace. they have to seek and happen their sense of individuality. The subjects and illustrations of these subjects that are present throughout the novel are ; Identity – “He is afraid to be Nikhil. person he doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know him [ … ] It’s a portion of turning up. they tell him. of being a Bengali. ” When Gogol was small. for school his parents wanted to do his functionary name Nikhil and his pet name Gogol. Gogol didn’t like that. he thought that altering his name would do him wholly different. Meaning he would lose his individuality.

Family – “He didn’t privation to travel place on the weekends. to travel with them to pujos and Bengali parties. to stay unimpeachably in their universe. ” Gogol doesn’t want to be portion of the Ganguli household. He is able to get away from them when he goes off to college or when he moves to a different metropolis for his work. Foreignness – “Within proceedingss. before their eyes Ashoke and Ashima slip into bolder. less complicated versions of themselves. their voices louder. their smilings wider. uncovering a assurance Gogol and Sonia ne’er see on Pemberton Road. ” Gogol and Sonia are non use to their parents traditional manner of life. their existent personalities that merely come out in Calcutta. Home – “They all come from Calcutta. and for this ground entirely they are friends. ” Bing with their Indian friends makes Ashima and Ashoke feel like they’re place in Calcutta with their household and friends Love – “And so he remembers that his parents can’t perchance reach him: he has non given them the figure. and the Ratliff’s are unlisted.

That here at Maxine’s side. in this cloistral wilderness. he is free. ” Gogol uses love as an flight from his household and his life at place. Dissatisfaction – “On more than one juncture he has come place from the university to happen her morose. in bed. rereading her parents’ letters. ” Ashima is homesick and declinations coming to America. she misses all of her household back place in Calcutta. Society and category – “Later that dark he is entirely in his room. listening to side 3 of the White Album on his parents’ cast-off RCA turntable. The album is a present from his American birthday party. given to him by one of his friends from school. ” Gogol doesn’t like being Indian. he much prefers the American civilization and the westernised society.

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The techniques that are used are ; Symbolism. Allegories. Imagery and Third individual. We see symbolism when they are in India and Sonia has an allergic reaction to Artocarpus heterophyllus while on the train. and one of the riders is murdered… this reminds them that America is a batch different to India. We see an illustration of an Fable when Ashima is trying to copy a bite that is large in India. because she is homesick. but the lone job is. she can’t rather acquire that bite right. which shows us merely how far from place she is. Imagination can be seen when we take a expression at “The Overcoat” . which is about a low clerk who goes mad when he loses his fabulous new greatcoat. It is said that the narrative is known for learning us that we are unable to populate without a public personality. Gogol and Ashima are the chief narrative characters. which is where the technique of 3rd individual comes in. The Context of the Namesake is the differences in civilizations ie. Indian and western. we see both Gogol and Ashima’s sentiments about the differences in civilizations. What Ashima doesn’t like about western civilization. Gogol about Indian civilization.

We can see links between The Namesake and the Bend it Like Beckham with the traditional Indian civilization. the parents desiring to follow this traditional civilization and their kids desiring to populate the westernised manner. Jesminder Bharmra has grown up with her traditional Indian female parent and male parent and her westernised sister. Jess wants to make right by her household. but she is torn with which manner to go… her manner or her parents’ . The intent of this text overall is to once more demo the lengths people will travel to. to happen their sense of individuality. and the picks they will do to accomplish this sense of belonging. The intended audience harmonizing to Gurinder the manager is adolescents and 20 somethings. taking specifically at females. to animate them. The subjects that can be seen in the text are ; Gender and the British Asiatic experience – “Showing your bare legs to the male childs. ” Mrs Bharmra doesn’t agree with Jess demoing her bare tegument for the universe to see when she is have oning trunkss in the park. It conflicts with their traditional civilization. but is wholly acceptable in the American civilization. The traditional V modern struggle – “Don’t you want all this? ” When Jess’ sister Pinky gets married. she has a traditional Indian nuptials. Jess would hold preferred a westernised nuptials.

The techniques used throughout the movie are contrasts. which can be seen in the differences between Jules household and Jess’ Stereotypes. which we see when the characters are judged by other people in the movie because of their race. gender or the athletics that they play. Sarcasm. when Jess’ couples are jesting about and paying out Jess’ football squad. The Hounslow Harriers. Characterisation. in the manner that the characters are portrayed in the movie eg. Jess’ male friends. typical cultural conversational linguistic communication and the manner that they dress. Juxtaposition with the contrasting of both Indian and British cultures together. making wit. The context of the movie is Jess’ journey through her purpose in happening her sense of belonging and seeking to besides obey her parents bids. She wishes to play association football. but it clashes with her traditional Indian civilization.

Linkss can besides be made between the Namesake and the vocal Teenagers. in the Namesake we see Gogol seeking to arise. in Teenagers we besides see the manner adolescents rebel against the remainder of society. There are links between Bend it Like Beckham and Teenagers. in the manner that society portrays adolescent. about the same manner that they see other races like Indian. The intent of this vocal is to foreground how frustrating life can be to suit in as a adolescent. Besides how the remainder of society position adolescents. they’re scared by the behavior. the attitudes. linguistic communication and are intimidated when adolescents group together and do problem. The intended audience is adolescents. people who like stone. hood music or like My Chemical Romance. Peoples who feel as though they can link with their music they feel a sense of belonging when listening to My Chemical Romance.

The subjects presented in this vocal are ;
Identity – “They’re gon na clean up your expressions. With all the prevarications in the books. To do a citizen out of you. ” Teenagers experience as though they lose their sense of individuality. of who they are. when society attempt to do them conform. They can’t be persons any longer. Dissatisfaction – “The male childs and misss in the coterie. The atrocious names that they stick. You’re ne’er gon na suit in much. child. ” Teenagers feel as though they don’t fit in anyplace. society wants them to go grownups. their equals want them to remain as teens. they are torn between which manner they should travel. Society and category – “They could care less every bit long as some one will shed blood. ” Teenagers don’t want to conform. so they rebel. the manner they act scares other people. they intimidate them and they don’t attention if the things they do impact pique anyone else.

The techniques used are symbolism which can be seen in the lines “They’re gon na rend up your caputs. Your aspirations to scintillas. ” intending that society is traveling to fundamentally take you off from everything you know and make you conform to the grownup universe. Contrasts can be seen when in the poetries you have the sentiments of society from the teens point of position. and the choruses are the sentiments of adolescents from society. Stereotypes can be seen in the choruses fundamentally stating that all adolescents are the same. all rebellious. all seeking to do the remainder of societies lives hard. The context of the vocal is adolescents attitudes towards society. who are seeking to do them conform and walk off from everything they know and become like everyone else. It’s besides how corrupted adolescents have become and how adolescents of any coevals will ever frighten their seniors. How their behavior affects the remainder of society.

Throughout these three texts we can see where these characters find their sense of belonging. and how they find it. We can see their feeling of non belonging and their feelings of loss of individuality. Although we have three wholly different signifiers of texts. they all show links between them eg. Skin coloring material. racial background. age differences and holding to follow in the grownups footfalls and desiring to arise because of it. These all accumulate to do the accelerator for belonging or non belonging.


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