Narratives like Beowulf and the Iliad seem hard to believe. far-fetched. and exaggerated even though they can associate to a civilizations past. Even so. both narratives have great illustrations of contending. triumph. and glorification. “Now though I may win my perfect glory…” ( Line 64 Homer ) This quotation mark helps demo the desire Achilles has for glorification. “I’ve ne’er known fright. as a young person I fought in eternal conflicts. I am old. now. but I will contend once more. seek celebrity still. if the firedrake concealment in his tower darings to confront me. ( Line 607-611 Beowulf Poet )

This quotation mark shows Beowulf has a similar desire for celebrity and glorification. along with the assurance to be winning. Both relate the narratives of a hero. and as we follow them. we learn about them in the procedure. The narrative of Beowulf seems excessively good to be true in a sense. As you read. you notice that every adult female is beautiful. every warrior is good and every cause is worth put on the lining life and limb for. What is realistic is that every human being wants to be loved and accepted while besides being the hero. King Hrothgar is a fatherlike illustration that deserves the love that Beowulf has for him. Hail. Hrothgar! … My young person have been filled with glorification.

Now Grendel’s name has echoed in our land: Sailors have brought us narratives of Herot. the best…When the Moon bents in skies the Sun had lit. visible radiation and life flying together. ” ( Line 140-148 Beowulf Poet ) This quotation mark shows the fancy that the male monarch and Beowulf have for each other. and it shows a comparing of visible radiation and life. In the instance of Achilles in the Iliad. everything is a bit more credible. The subject of life and decease is brought to the reader’s attending when Patroclus is killed.

As a consequence. Hector is besides killed because of Patroclus’s decease. Achilles isn’t perfect. along with other characters such as Hector and King Agmemmon. These mistakes make this narrative more realistic and credible. while besides adding truth to the narrative. Bad determinations are made. such as Achilles leting his good friend. Patroclus. to come in conflict and be killed. “My greatest friend is gone: Patroclus. companion in my weaponries. whom I held beloved above all others- beloved as myself – now gone. lost ; Hector cut him down. despoiled him of my ain weaponries. monolithic and all right. a admiration in all man’s eyes. ( Line 13-18 Homer ) In this quotation mark is an illustration of life and decease and how it made Achilles wants retaliation on Hector.

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This besides gives Achilles a type of “power” to take whether to take Hector’s life. Beowulf is low. and although he has the personality of a hero more than Achilles. he does non see his ain value or his ain significance. Achilles. on the other manus. could non be more proud. His consciousness and consideration of his ain accomplishments and his ain value are an obvious difference to the humbleness and clemency of Beowulf. Do non try to maintain me from the battle. though you love me ; you can non do me listen. ” ( Line 70 Beowulf Poet )

This quotation mark shows an illustration of Achilles attitude toward himself and others when it comes to a battle. This besides shows how Beowulf has more good in him so Achilles. Beowulf holding a personality with great goodness. makes the determination to contend the greatest immorality ( Grendel ) with merely his custodies. “My custodies entirely shall contend for me. battle for life against the monster God must make up one’s mind who will be given to deceases cold clasp. ( Line 172-175 Beowulf Poet )

This quotation mark supports Beowulf’s battle against immorality. and how the battle will find life and decease. Beowulf and the Iliad are narratives of great heroes. They take us through their narratives and conflicts while learning the reader about them along the manner. The Iliad is easier to believe. while Beowulf seems excessively good to be true. Both narratives relate to the civilizations past and learn us about each character. Beowulf and the Iliad conflict through evil and associate to each other through life and decease.


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