Throughout history there have been many narratives about work forces who were considered to be a “hero. ” The definition of a hero has changed throughout the development of society. In the yearss of Beowulf and the Vikings. a hero was a adult male who was strong. brave. and willing to protect his land and supply for his people. In today’s universe. a hero is person who is known for their altruism and courage. Beowulf is described as an heroic poem hero before he even speaks a word in the narrative. He is described as “mightiest adult male on earth” . “the baronial warrior” . and “the adult male whose name was known for bravery. the Great leader.

” These gap quotation marks about Beowulf entirely make it seem like he was non merely a great warrior and leader. but besides a great hero. Beowulf displays the most common traits of a hero throughout his journeys. A hero needs to expose courage. bravery. trueness. dedication and finding to be considered a “hero” . Harmonizing to World Wide Web. dictionary. com the definition of trueness is holding a strong feeling of support or commitment to person or something. Throughout the full narrative of Beowulf he stays loyal to the people of Geatland.

From the beginning of the narrative Beowulf showed trueness when he sailed to Geatland for King Hrothgar merely to refund the debt of Hrothgar salvaging his male parent in the earlier old ages. Beowulf pledged his commitment to Hrothgar when he needed his most because he believes in the hero feature of trueness to person or something with importance to you. Even after Beowulf kills Grendel and has in some manner repaid his debt to Hrothgar he still stays in Geatland and battles Grendel’s female parent and at the terminal of the narrative he fights the firedrake for the good of his people.

Beowulf remained loyal to Hrothgar until he became king and so he stayed loyal to his people for the staying old ages of his life. Throughout all of Beowulf’s life he has been dedicated to being remembered and to populate on even after he has died. Beowulf did non desire any type of wages or value for making the things he does. all he wanted was to hold celebrity and be remembered by people. This dedication lead him into many hard conflicts that risked his support. This dedication to fame leads him through the conflict with Grendel. Grendel’s ma. and the firedrake.

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All of these conflicts were fought so Beowulf’s name would populate on and he could decease a “hero” to his people. The most of import feature of a hero is bravery. Beowulf displays how much courage he really has in three different conflicts. The first conflict was his chief ground for traveling to Geatland. to halt the adult male eating monster Grendel. Grendel is feared by all of the Danes but Beowulf was eager to run into Grendel in conflict. Grendel had killed many of Danes before Beowulf arrived yet still Beowulf shows no fright.

Besides Beowulf tells the work forces in the Mead hall how he will non contend Grendel with any type of blade or knife because the monster doesn’t use anything like that either. Even though Beowulf makes the battle an even one for his ain personal grounds this action displays an huge sum of courage. Beowulf kills the monster with his bare custodies and restores peace to the Danes even if merely for a small piece. Courage besides is an of import feature of Beowulf. After killing Grendel with his bare hands this is a brave act in itself. Beowulf is summoned to kill Grendel’s female parents.

It took bravery merely to be on the journey to acquire to Grendel’s female parent. Beowulf ventures into her lake place tidal bore to run into her in conflict merely as he was with Grendel. Despite the fact that the lake is filled with animals and evil things Beowulf shows no vacillation in traveling straight in by himself to contend Grendel’s female parent. Once inside Grendel’s female parent senses Beowulf and instantly drags him into her place. It looks like Beowulf is about to be killed when he takes a blade and cuts the pharynx of Grendel’s female parent. get the better ofing her. Beowulf re-surfaces and is greeted by the staying work forces outside the lake.

This journey into the lake and into Grendel’s Mother’s place was nil short of bravery. Even after Beowulf is king for many old ages he ne’er loses his bravery. When Beowulf is an old warrior his land is attacked by a sleeping firedrake awoken by hoarded wealth being stolen from its cave. Beowulf instantly went on a journey to murder this firedrake. It was said that no adult male had entered into the firedrakes cave and lived. Even with information known Beowulf still lead his followings into the cave to contend this firedrake. Although the firedrake takes Beowulf’s life. this journey is highly brave.

Beowulf helped in the violent death of this firedrake and in return gave his life merely so his people would be safe. It could be argued that Beowulf is non hero because heroes don’t gloat about their battles or achievements. Although Beowulf tells people he is the strongest individual alive and he bragged about his achievements. it doesn’t take away from the fact that he displayed more than one feature of a hero. His courage and bravery are more outstanding in his life than his glee. Besides it could be argued that heroes don’t accept things such as money or gold in return for making a heroic act.

Beowulf did accept gold from the Danes but during this clip period it was a common gift for person like Beowulf to have gifts and gold. In some instances it might hold even been seen as rude or disrespectful for Beowulf non to accept their gold. These two statements have valid points but overall when you compare the heroic traits to the non-heroic traits of Beowulf the heroic traits outnumber the non-heroic traits. All in all Beowulf was a great adult male who led a great life full of achievements and complete missions.

Everything he did was for a intent that benefitted non merely himself but more significantly the people he was loyal to and that were loyal to him. Throughout the narrative of Beowulf he has proven himself to be non merely a great adult male but besides a hero. Beowulf fought three non-human oppositions and still with no fright or uncertainty he rose above and defeated all three of his oppositions. Beowulf is the definition of what a hero should be like and he does a great occupation of exposing the traits one needs to hold in order to be considered a hero.


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