“… A monster out of hell” ( Heaney 100 ) . These words describe the monster Grendel. who is genuinely an evil entity. Merely an heroic poem hero with strength. bravery and assurance is able to get the better of this mighty enemy. This hero’s name is Beowulf. He displays all of these throughout the heroic poem. Beowulf’s first heroic poem hero trait is assurance. Beowulf shows assurance when he talked to Unferth in the great hall Heorot. Beowulf said. “…but he will happen me different. I will demo him how Geats shape to kill/ in the heat of battle” ( 601-603 ) . Here Beowulf says that Grendel would non set a abrasion on him or his work forces. Beowulf thinks that the Geat warriors are far superior to Grendel. This quotation mark is slightly over-confident because Beowulf has non even seen Grendel yet. but claimed to be able all in Grendel with easiness. This shows that he is confident in his abilities as a warrior and a hero. A similar quotation mark that displays Beowulf’s assurance occurs when Beowulf was talking to Unferth about his swimming lucifer against Breca. Beowulf provinces. “I was the strongest swimmer” ( 534 ) . This quotation mark besides indicates Beowulf’s bumptiousness because he states that no 1 is better than him at swimming.

However Beowulf’s bumptiousness truly convinces the Danes that he is to the full capable of taking on the monolithic undertaking of murdering their monster. Grendel. Because if Beowulf did non sound certainly in his abilities as a warrior so the Danes would non experience really safe with their lives in Beowulf’s custodies. Beowulf besides shows a great trade bravery throughout the heroic poem. For illustration when Beowulf’s outside Grendel’s mother’s lair the text stated. “…After these words. the prince of the weather-Geats/ Was impatient to be off and plunged suddenly” ( 1492-1493 ) . Beowulf’s bravery is presented when he dove into the monsters lair basically unprepared. Grendel’s female parent had an obvious advantage due to the component of surprise. Another illustration of Beowulf’s assurance is displayed when he was seeking to soothe Hrothgar after Hrothgar’s good friend Aeschere was murdered by Grendel’s female parent ; Beowulf said. “So arise. my Godhead. and allow us immediately/set Forth on the trail of this troll-dam. /I warrant you: she will non acquire off. ” ( 1390-1392 ) .

The ground that this quotation mark shows Beowulf’s assurance is because even after witnessing Grendel’s female parent putting to death Aeschere. Beowulf guarantees Hrothgar that he will be able to trail after Grendel’s female parent and murder her with easiness. Beowulf would non acquire really far without his mail and superhuman strength. Beowulf shows unbelievable strength throughout the full heroic poem. For illustration when Beowulf grappled with the monster Grendel the text stated. “…The captain of immorality discovered himself/ in a manus clasp harder than anything/ he had encountered in any adult male on the face of the earth” ( 749-752 ) . This quotation mark truly demonstrates Beowulf’s enormous strength. because this is when Grendel realizes that he is outmatched by Beowulf and that his destiny is sealed. Beowulf’s unbelievable strength is besides revealed during his conflict with Grendel’s female parent. when the charming blade Hrunting has no consequence on Grendel’s mother’s charming tegument ; Beowulf had to happen another arm to contend with and he finds an ancient ceremony blade used by giants long ago so the text provinces. “But so immense and heavy itself/that merely Beowulf could exert it in battle” ( 1561-1562 ) . This quotation mark shows that Beowulf possesses strength equal to that of the giants of ancient times because he was able to utilize the arm to its fullest potency.

The concluding property of Beowulf as an heroic poem hero is his award. When Beowulf decides to murder the fire firedrake. he chooses to contend entirely. …Men at weaponries. remain here on the barrow. / Safe in your armour. to see which one of us/ is better in the terminal at bearing wounds/ in a deathly disturbance. This battle is non yours. /nor is it up to any adult male except me/to step his strength against the monster/Or to turn out his worth ( 2528-2535 ) . Beowulf would non allow him let his companions to assist him in the conflict with the fire firedrake because he believed it to be dishonourable. so he fought the firedrake by himself. Beowulf’s award is besides displayed when he is acquiring ready to contend Grendel Beowulf begins to deprive himself of all his armour and arms and so Beowulf provinces. …When it comes to contending. I count myself as unsafe any twenty-four hours as Grendel. /so it won’t be a cutting border I’ll wield/to hayloft him down. easy as I might. /He has no thought of the humanistic disciplines of war. /of shield or sword-play. although he does possess/a wild strength. No arms. hence. /for either this dark: unarmed he shall confront me/if face me he dares ( 680-685 ) .

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This quotation mark displays Beowulf’s award because it shows that Beowulf does non desire to utilize arms or armour against Grendel because Grendel does non utilize arms or armour himself. this shows that Beowulf wants to hold a just battle with Grendel. Because Beowulf was so honest his people loved him and had great regard for him. when Beowulf lost his life to the fire dragon his people were in such daze and desperation. So in order to honour him the Geats built a mammoth pyre bigger than any others in the yesteryear and piled it high with all of Beowulf’s hoarded wealths and armour. Beowulf’s funeral represents his prosperity as a male monarch and swayer. Beowulf displays strength. bravery. and honour throughout the heroic poem. Beowulf’s actions reflect these heroic poem qualities by the word pictures in his conflicts with Grendel. Grendel’s female parent. and the fire firedrake. The magnitude of Beowulf’s funeral straight reflects all of his achievements in his life. Beowulf did more than what was necessary to turn out himself as a great heroic poem hero.

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