I was the sort of kid that ever struggled to pay attending in school. I ne’er wanted to be in category. except to see with my friends. At times I wanted to drop out of school. I ever felt similar school was a large waste of clip. Until I met a instructor named Mrs. Meyers at Kent Mountain View Academy.

Mrs. Meyers is a instructor that is the most influential individual in the universe. ( but the universe doesn’t know it yet ) . I truly look up to her because she ever encouraged me to travel to category and dainty other instructors and pupils with regard. and to seek my best. If I of all time needed any excess aid in prep ; she was at that place. it didn’t affair which subject it was. She ever told me that I was really smart and to ne’er to doubt myself.

Mrs. Meyers is easy to speak to. I could merely state her anything because she’s really honorable and negotiations to me ( or anyone for that affair ) openly about anything in life. She was ever ready to listen to me when I was experiencing down. With her comfort and warm words I ever felt better and of import. When I needed some advice. she was at that place for me. She is my friend. my wise man and like a female parent. Mrs. Meyers has a great passion and love to learn kids. She has so much forbearance to sit down with them and explicate the work to them. She ne’er makes the school work drilling ; she ever made it merriment and exciting and easier to larn. She ever did it with a smiling on her face. even when she wasn’t experiencing good.

If I had one hr to pass with Mrs. Meyers. I would inquire her what influenced her passion for learning kids. how did her life experiences influence her to be a instructor. and many other inquiries relatable to that. I would inquire these inquiries because she’s a great individual. and who doesn’t want to cognize about a great individual?

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I hope one twenty-four hours I could experience that same passion. attention and love that she has of learning and assisting kids like the manner she help me. She wholly changed my life around and made me a different individual the one I am today.

Mrs. Meyers was the one individual who influenced me the most and to whom I am really grateful because she gave me the inspiration to go a instructor or at least strive to make my best at whatever occupation I choose. I am really glad that I met her and I think that without her I would ne’er make every bit good as I do in school. Or in life for that affair.


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