Karnataka and trekking go manus in manus. The geographics of this province is such that trekkers from far and broad are attracted towards its pristine beauty and wild landscapes. The best clip to make these treks is between the months of September to December when the rains are pouring. There are several trekking trails in Karnataka which allure the escapade enthusiasts but below is a list of five treks which are likely the best trekking trails in the province. If one is looking for dry and leech free treks so one should be after to come here between January to May.

Shimoga District

Popular for it ‘s much talked about Jog Falls, Shimoga District has some beautiful yet unpopular trekking trails. A mystical trek which is a delectation for trekkers is situated in the Grovess of Govardhanagiri State Forest Range. It leads from the towns of Gerasoppa or Nagavalli to the destroyed Kaanur Fort located really deep inside the forest. It is surrounded by wildlife and being amongst the natural state is an overpowering experience.

Another trek leads through from the small town of Meghane and goes in front up to a Shiva temple which sits on tops of a cliff face at Bhimeshwari. The trek so goes down in a vale towards the Dabbe Falls. If one is looking for disputing rugged trek paths so Agumbe is where 1 should be headed to.


Coorg as the full part is trekkable. This is delicious intelligence for trek lovers. The java plantation topographic point is one of the most spectacularly green topographic points in the Indian subcontinent. Due to uninterrupted rain though out the twelvemonth Coorg is like a metropolis dipped in green coloring material ; ever lush with evergreen trees and thick dense woods. If the vegetation and fauna entices your head, seeing the rivers Barapole, Cauvery and Lakshmanteertha fluxing across plus the wilderness of the Nagarhole sanctuary all come together to do for a perfect finish suited for any sort of traveler. A simple walk through these countries leaves the looker-on mesmerised. The nature is at its pristine best.

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For the best trekking trails one should head to highest height located in the Thadiandamol territory. Take up a trail which starts from Chelavara small town and crossbeams through Emmepare Falls, Thadiandamol extremum and yet another waterfall Baliatra falls and from the ruins of the Nalakkanad castle eventually to Iguthappa extremum. On top is a Lord Subramanya shrine.

Then one can besides see another trek path which is around the Barapole river. It passes through Makutta and so from the modesty forest leads to a pool right in the center of the jungle which is named as Neelampole. The river is surrounded by bamboo trees and it besides has elephants in copiousness residing here.

North Kanara

North Kanara is a beautiful trekking terrain with four rivers criss-crossing across different waies. Out of the four rivers a trek which runs across the Kali rivers begins at Ambikanagar located at Dandeli and gets bouldery as it takes along several bamboo and teak jungles where the Kali river runs next Kali river and the Kaneri its feeder. Through the trek inside the Kavla cave one may merely creep through indoors with a torch visible radiation a Shivling every bit tall as four pess in clearly seeable.

There is one more popular path which begins at Sirsi or Kumta and goes upto Yama. There are immense limestone stones here and many tinier stone formations and many small soundless guards are present in the center of the wood. The positions are mind blowing. Karnataka besides holding fantastic jungles besides has gorgeous coasts and beaches. The Karwar beach has some good trek trails which traverse through the one can beach trek due souths through the beaches of Belikere Gokarna, Om, Kutle, Baada, Kumta, Dhareshwar, Haldipur, Kasarkod and Bhatkal. The beaches are good known for their beauty, farness and the untasted appeal. Besides fishermen there is barely any population found here. The shoreline is cut in between by rock-strewn peninsula, hills and it besides has four rivers opening up. These rivers are the Aghanashini, the Kali, the Sharavathy and the Bedthi. Ferries are available from these river Bankss. Districts of Sathodi, Shivganga, Doddamane, Unchalli and Magod Falls are some of the most beautiful topographic points of Karnataka. The waterfalls here besides make for interesting “ Falls trek ” .

Southern Mysore

The southern parts of Mysore have several disputing trekking trails. The wildlife sanctuary of Bandipur Interesting trek paths are besides found in the southern parts of Mysore territory. From Bandipur, a wildlife sanctuary, a trail through the buffer zone of the modesty forest ascends to the Himavad Gopalaswamy temple on a hill. Another popular path is the “ Cauvery river bank trek ” from Mekedatu ( where the mighty Cauvery assumes the comprehensiveness of a narrow gorge for even a caprine animal to jump across ) to Muthathi, where the river is a wide gushing sweep of H2O, making countless little islands and eventually to Bhimeshwari, place to the mighty fish – the Mahaseer.


This is a little part which has a murky hilly territory and is besides the highest extremum in Karnataka-Mulayangiri. It is besides the portion of Baba Budan mountains that spread across this part. The trek of Mulayangiri-Kemmangundi is unsmooth and begins at a really ambitious perpendicular river watercourse tally from the Muthodi modesty wood which goes along Seethalayanagiri temple located on a hill. There are some challenging caves found here. As one treks up farther one reaches the Mulayanagiri extremum at 6300 pess. There is another shrine located in front this point called the Inam Dattathreya Peeta which is respected and paid court to by both Hindus and Muslims. The trails range its highest point at Kemmangudi which is a really good known hill station.

An unusual trekking way begins at the Shree Veerabhadreswara swamy temple which is a popular tourer attractive force and it goes uphill to the Kalahatti Falls. Every 500 m one will happen small falls and the way filed with stone rocks and several bantam springs. Once at top of the Kalahatti falls the campground here is surprisingly arranged in a cave cut out of a mountain drop. The trek back descends from uneven hills and vales to Kemmangundi where the `Z’-Point is located. From here one can go on to travel towards the Hebbe Falls.

A 2nd popular trekking trail here is called the “ Kudremukh Peak trail ” , which is at 6,200 pess. It is situated near an Fe ore excavation country. This trail can be reached to from Navur or Samse towns with the remainder of the way taking through the excavation country towards the Kudremukh town. On the manner one comes across several beautiful architecture and beautiful picturesque elephants tall grasses, woods, several watercourses and ruins of a decaying church.


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