The “Fight of Daedalus” and the “Flight of MIT” are one of the articles in which you can happen many things to compare and contrast. They both have many similarities and besides many differences. which besides made both narratives more interesting. But retrieve one thing both had the same end and that was to acquire success in winging.

Now foremost of all. I would wish to state you the correspondent things that are in both articles. As I mention earlier that both had the same planning for taking off their flight and that called as “Human Powered Flight” . and unluckily both flights were failed. The 2nd things that were likewise in both of the articles were they started from the same finish. and the country that they started from is near to Italy. called as Crete. Before started their finish. they already made readying for themselves to takeoff. which would non allow them do any adversities ( that’s what they both thought ) . Finally the last thing that is corresponds to these both articles is that they both went to the Mediterranean Sea. and another that called their concluding finish in which they both got failed from their flight. but the manner of neglecting in both of them was different from each other. which gave both articles an astonishing narrative.

As in the upper paragraph we talked about comparing in upper paragraph. which weren’t plenty in both articles. But now there are much more differences between in these two articles than the similarities of these two articles. One of the biggest differences between them was their intent. Daedalus’ PURPOSE was to get away from King Minos because he disobeyed him. and on the other manus intent of MIT was to invent net income from their innovation. The other difference between these two of them was DIFFERENCE IN EDUCATION. In Daedalus’ flight the instruction refers about how of import is to listening others. as a consequence you would acquire failed like Icarus. the Daedalus boy did. In the Flight of MIT the instruction prefers them to larn from their errors. in which they cause failed at their flight.

One of the of import differences between these two of them was THE FAILURE. In the Daedalus flight the failure was that. the Daedalus’ boy Icarus flew excessively high to the height that cause him excessively hot that his wings of wax started runing. and by holding this he had no longer stayed in the air. so he fell down and that’s he called his terminal from which their flight got failed. In the MIT flight. the failure was the tail roar which was found broken in the terminal. and by holding this job. the MIT flight couldn’t longer fly and it felt down merely 30 metres off from its finish. so that’s why it called as a failure. Now it is the last and most of import difference between these both of the articles that is THE Result from these two different projects/articles. The result for the Daedalus’ flight was that. Daedalus escaped and survived. but his boy no longer was with him. and in the MIT flight the aeroplane crashed. but the bicycler lived. But both of the projects/articles were failure and couldn’t able to carry through their chief end.

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As a portion of the decision I would merely wish to state that everything is non possible. if we want to do things possible so we need to work harder than earlier. Flight of Daedalus and Flight of MIT. both were merely tried for human winging. but unluckily they didn’t able to acquire success for it. But still everything is possible and because of it we would necessitate more clip to acquire success at our ends.


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