The Genre’s of this book are made up of Law and History due to the wickednesss of noncompliance and “god” worshiping. Along Israel’s journey they were led off to roll for 40 old ages in the wilderness before coming into the promised land. In the first 25 chapters of Numbers we see the experiences of the first coevals of the Israelites in the wilderness along with the nose count of the work forces for conflict. The staying chapters of Numbers describes the experiences of the 2nd coevals. Obedience and rebellion followed by penitence and approval. are themed throughout the full book. The experiences Moses encountered in this book included his ain siblings turning on him and anger get downing to command many of his actions. and even due to his ain noncompliance Moses was unable to walk into the Promise Land. Numbers describes the walk of the Israelites every bit good as make fulling the spread between the Israelites having the jurisprudence and acquiring them ready to come in the Promise Land. Ruth

In this short narrative narrative. Ruth. a Moabite widow. volitionally leaves her fatherland to care for her mother-in-law. Naomi. who is besides a widow. Bing a Moabite. Ruth was non a portion of God’s chosen people. Israel. but she chose to follow God anyhow. God rewarded her for her fidelity and her kindness to her mother-in-law. First. He provided for Ruth’s physical demands. As Ruth went out to acquire nutrient. she came upon a field. where the proprietor allowed her to garner every bit much remnant grain as she needed. But God’s proviso did non halt at Ruth’s immediate physical demands. The proprietor of the field. Boaz. besides happened to be a relation of Naomi. Boaz took a sincere involvement in Ruth. and finally they were married. God continued to demo His faithful love to Ruth and Boaz by honouring them through their posterities: King David and. 100s of old ages subsequently. Jesus Christ. This story’s purpose is to demo that God wagess those who trust in Him. Ecclesiastes

The genre of the book of Ecclesiastes is made up of wisdom. The writer of Ecclesiastes puts his powers of wisdom to work to analyze the human experience and measure the human state of affairs. In this book. the “Teacher” recorded his ain experiences with letdown as he tried to happen peace apart from God foremost by stating. “Everything is nonmeaningful. ” As we all should cognize. life is nonmeaningful apart from God. He uses a series of illustrations: wealth. wisdom. popularity. pleasance. and shows how each of them finally ends in letdown if it becomes the exclusive ground for one’s being. After chew overing this quandary for several chapters. the writer eventually comes to this decision: “Fear God and obey His bids. for this is the responsibility of every person” ( 12:13 ) . It appears that the Teacher abandoned any hope in secular chases and decided that lauding God provides the lone lasting significance in life. Joel

The book of Joel is of the genre of prognostications. in which to warn people of God’s impending judgement unless they turned from their wickednesss. Joel’s prognostications are focused on the “day of the Lord. ” where God will demo an impressive show of power and name all to account for their rebellion and wickedness. For those who have forsaken God. it will be a awful twenty-four hours of judgement. Joel used a plaque of locusts to exemplify the coming of this awful judgement. and he urged God’s people to listen. inquiring how much better to atone and unrecorded! But Joel’s prognostications contain messages of hope every bit good as warning. If the people would react to his warning. God would be merciful. God’s desire was to bless His people. non to destruct them. That was the ground for the locusts. to do people to turn away from wickedness while there was still clip. Jonah

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The book of Jonah is a narrative narrative which tells about how Jonah refused to follow the Lord. Jonah was a prophet born in Israel and called by God to prophesy to the people of Nineveh. the capitol metropolis of Assyria. Not merely was Assyria the most powerful imperium of that twenty-four hours. it was besides ruthlessly violent with its conquered enemies. Israel was shortly to come in Assyria’s way of devastation. Jonah relates how he foremost tried to fly his naming and travel by ship to another state. But God sent a storm to alter his programs. Jonah was thrown overboard. and a elephantine fish swallowed him and saved him from submerging. The fish so spewed Jonah onto the shore. and Jonah went to Assyria. To Jonah’s discouragement. the male monarch and citizens of Nineveh heard his message and repented. and so God spared them from their promised devastation. In choler. Jonah went outside the metropolis. still trusting it would be destroyed. God rebuked Jonah. nevertheless. and expressed his concern that all people. Jews and Gentiles likewise. come to cognize Him. The intent of this narrative is to demo that God wants wholly people to come to cognize Him.


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