Every Home Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft has another dream similar to the one he had 50 years ago. His dream back then was to put a computer in every household in America. Back then, this never before seen industry that can change the world had a very foggy future and it had a long way before anything really significant happened. It was the computer industry and 30 years ago B. Gates and P.

Allen were working on inundation for the information age to become possible. Like the idea of computers he had back then, he now had “… Something much more contemporary: the emergence of the robotics industry… “(440 Gates) Now robots are already seen in today world. They can range from robots in automobile manufactures to robotics toys imitating living thing. Now the robotic products that are out today are barely the foundation for what is yet to come. The idea of robots has been out for a while now.

From Greek mythology to Advance sketches, robots have been in the imagination for quite some time. But the robots seen in science fiction still have a lot of catching up to do before they become non- fiction. One of the problems that arise when trying to bring robots to life is there senses. They aren’t able to perceive the outside world like we do. But advancements have been made like voice recognition. Other advancements have also led to automated vacuums and robots that can diffuse bombs in Iraq.


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