Team Members
( Lecturer of MCA ) Table Content
1 ) Introduction
2 ) Aim
3 ) Undertaking class
4 ) Types of Reports
5 ) Technologies and tools
6 ) Hardware
7 ) Future range
8 ) Analysis of Present System
9 ) Problem of Existing System
10 ) Characteristic of Proposed System
11 ) Feasibility Analysis

I. Need for Feasibility Study
two. Technical Feasibility
three. Behavioral Feasibility
four. Economic Feasibility
v. Product Perspective

12 ) Data flow diagram
13 ) Entity Relation Diagram
14 ) Data tabular arraies
15 ) Flow chart
16 ) Input signal signifiers
17 ) Decision

1. Introduction
The undertaking “Billing system” is an application to automatize the procedure of telling and charge of a “Departmental store” . This web based application is designed sing the concatenation of departmental shop which is located in assorted metropoliss. This application besides administrates its users and clients.

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2. Aim
This undertaking will function the undermentioned aims: –
1 Add and keep records of available merchandises.
2 Add and keep client inside informations.
3 Add and maintain description of new merchandises.
4 Add and keep new entered class of merchandises.
5 Provides economic/financial studies to the proprietor monthly or hebdomadal and annually.
6 Provides a convenient solution of charge form.
7 Make an easy to utilize environment for users and clients.

3. Undertaking class

The undertaking is based on the construct of RDBMS ( i. e. Relational Database Management System ) .
“ A database which shop informations in the signifier of tabular arraies which has related with each other in as peculiar mode ” .

4. Types of studies

1. Daily Gross saless Report
2. Monthly Customer Report
3. Daily Product Report
4. Due Date Report ( Report of a peculiar Day )
5. Billing Report

5. Technologies and Tools

1 Web Technology: Asp. cyberspace ( Microsoft ocular studio 2005 model 2. 0 ) 2
Database: MySQL Server-2005
3 Development Tool: MS Visual Studio 2005
4 Web Server: Iraqi intelligence service
5 Web browser: Internet Explorer service battalion 1
6 Languages Used: Hundred # . cyberspace. JavaScript
7 Others: Subjects. Cesium

6. Hardware

CPU constellation
– AMD processors 4000+ series
-17” colour
Operating System
-Windows XP with service battalion 2

7. Future Scope

1 This undertaking will assist the shop keeper in fast charge
2 This undertaking enable shop keeper to keep a great database of all clients visited and purchase merchandise from shop.
3 Undertaking will enable to see study sing merchandise and class.
4 Easy to keep in future chance.


Before we begin a new system it is of import to analyze the system that will be improved or replaced ( if there is one ) . We need to analyse how this system uses hardware. package. web and the people resources to change over informations resources. such as dealing informations. into information merchandises. such as studies and shows. Thus we should document how the information system activities of input. processing. end product. storage and control are accomplished.


1. Inability of alteration of informations: The managing of immense informations efficaciously and expeditiously for efficient consequences. hive awaying the inside informations of the consumers etc. in such a manner that the database can be modified as non possible in the current system.

2. Not user friendly: The bing system is non user friendly because the retrieval and storing of informations is slow and informations is non maintained expeditiously.
3. Trouble in studies bring forthing: Either no studies bring forthing in a current system or they are generated with great trouble studies take clip to bring forth in the current system.
4. Manual operator control: Manual operator control is at that place and take to a batch of pandemonium and mistakes.
5. Batch of paperwork: Existing system requires batch of paper work and even a little dealing require many documents fill. Furthermore any unnatural cause ( such as fire in the organisation ) can destruct all informations of the organisation. Loss of even a individual paper led to hard state of affairs because all the documents are interrelated.

6. Inability of sharing the information: Datas can non be shared in the bing system. This means that no two individuals can utilize the same information in bing system. Besides the two sections in an organisation can non interact with each other without the existent motion of informations. 7. No support in decision-making: Existing system does non back up managerial decision-making. 8. No support in strategic competitory advantage: Existing system do non back up strategic competitory advantages.


1. Easiness in alteration of informations: The proposed system provides managing of immense informations efficaciously and expeditiously for efficient consequences. hive awaying the inside informations of the clients. employees etc. in such a manner that the database can be modified.

2. User friendly: The proposed system is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of informations is fast and informations is maintained expeditiously. Furthermore the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system. which provides user to cover with the system really easy.

3. Reports are easy generated: Reports can be easy generated in a proposed system. So any type of studies can be generated in a proposed system. which helps the directors in a decisions-making activity. 4. Sharing the information is possible: Datas can be shared in proposed system. This means that two or more individuals can utilize the same information in bing system provided that they have right to entree that information. Besides the two or more sections in an organisation can easy interact with each other without the existent motion of informations.

5. No or really few paperwork: The proposed system either does non necessitate paper work or really few paper plants is required. All the information is feted into the computing machine instantly and assorted measures and studies can be generated through computing machines. Since all the information is kept in a database nodata of the organisation can be destroyed. Furthermore work becomes really easy because there is no demand to maintain informations on documents.

6. Support strategic competitory advantage: Proposed system supports strategic competitory advantages. Since the proposed systems provide easiness in studies bring forthing it will supply strategic advantages among rivals.

7. Computer operator control: Computer operator control will be at that place no mistakes. Furthermore hive awaying and recovering of information is easy. So work can be done quickly and in clip.


Title: Feasibility study for the cybernation of the assorted activities of the company.
Background: The Company confronting the job of inconsistent and out of clip information in its activities. Very much clip is devouring for study coevals. which is non really helpful for determination devising. So we want a system. which provide immediate information.

Method of survey: The analysis process comprised of field trips in the assorted sections of the company. The undermentioned paperss and beginnings were looked up:
· The purchase order that contain points to be purchased.
· The histories registry.
· Purchase order issues to sellers.
· Bills receive from sellers. · Bills spring to the clients.
· Purchase return signifiers ( if any ) give to sellers.


The feasibleness survey is carried out to prove whether the proposed system is deserving being implemented. Feasibility survey is a trial of system proposed sing its work ability. its impact on the organisation ability to run into user demands and effectual usage of resources. It is normally carried out by a little figure of people who are familiar with the information system techniques. understand the portion of the concern or organisation that will be involved or effected by the undertaking and are skilled in the system analysis and design procedure.

The cardinal consideration involve in the feasibleness survey are:
1. Technical
2. Behavioral
3. Economic

1. TECHNICAL Feasibility

Technical feasibleness centres on the bing computing machine system ( hardware. package etc ) and to what extent it can back up the proposed system add-on. For illustration. if the current system is runing at 70 % capacity ( an arbitrary value ) . so another application could overload the system or necessitate extra hardware. If the budget is serious constrain so the undertaking is judged non executable.

The engineerings ant the environment which are used in this undertaking are


1. Language used: ASP. NET. We use this linguistic communication is supports event driven programming characteristic.
2. ADO. Internet
Back terminal
Supporting Software: SQL Server 2005. This is used to hive awaying informations in the signifier of tabular arraies. It is easy to utilize.
Platform: Windows XP. Our system requires window runing system. which is easy available.
Intel based processor-run computing machine system. which have keyboard and mouse as input devices. This has been decided for its instance of handiness and up-gradation.
The assorted registries maintained at the different section have enough information recording. which will assist in digitising the available informations.

2. Behavioral Feasibility:
An rating of the behaviour of the terminal users. which may consequence the enclosure of the system. Peoples are inherently immune to alter and computing machines have to cognize to ease alterations and computing machines have to known to ease alterations. An estimation should be made of how strong a reaction the user staff is likely to hold towards the development of a computerized system. It is a common cognition that a computing machine installing hassomething to make with turnover. transportation. retraining and alterations in employee occupation position. therefore the debut of a campaigner system requires particular attempt to educate. sell and develop the staff on new ways of carry oning concern. The personal of the user organisation will be affected by the proposed system. As the purpose of the system is merely to fulfill the information needs. no employees will free their place by the proposed system. In fact the proposed system will assist the organisation in cut downing the voluminous work involved. Besides the engagement of users in every phase of the undertaking is traveling to increase the success factor.

The staff in non good educated for running a computerized system. They are inexorable in comprehending a mechanical procedure of working as they have long been used to the manual entry system. This aspect needs considerable sum of attending.

Our system is besides executable for organisation because it supports of the organisation and its strategic program.
3. Economic Feasibility:
The process is to find the benefits and nest eggs that are expected from a campaigner system and compare it with the costs. If a benefit outweighs costs. so the determination is made to plan and implement the system. Otherwise farther changes are made in the proposed system 1. Manpower cost

2. Hardware and package cost12. Data flow diagram
A information flow diagram is graphical representation that depicts the information flow and the transforms that r applied as day of the month moves from input to end product. It can be used to stand for a package at any degree of abstraction. In fact DFDs may be partitioned in to degrees. That represents increasing information flow and functional inside informations. DFDs are defined in degrees with every degree diminishing the degree of abstraction every bit good as specifying a greater item of the functional variety meats of the system. A zero degree DFD besides known as context or cardinal system theoretical account represents the full package elements as a individual bubble with input and end product informations entities which are indicated as entrance and surpassing pointers. Data Flow Diagram aid understanding the basic flow of informations from one procedure to another procedure. This 0 degree DFD represents cardinal overview of the charge system. This is the 1-Level DFD for the charge system. This provides the detailed of the informations fluxing in between the procedures of the charge system. It is more describes the flow of information. Charge system concern with the customer’s pick of merchandise so there is a Merchandise processing procedure the order of client harmonizing to the pick. Two another procedure is at that place for farther processing of the order and clients information in charge system database.

Bill Report
Order Merchandise
View Customer Record
Add Customer
Add Product
Add Category
Position Order

View products13. Entity Relation Diagram
Entity Relation Diagram represents the object relationship braces in graphical signifiers therefore we can state that the primary end of ER diagrams is represent informations objects along with their relationships.
ER theoretical account for informations utilizations three characteristics to depict informations:
· Entities which satisfy distinguishable existent universe points in an application · Relationships linking different entities and stand foring meaningful dependences between them
· Attributes which specify assorted belongingss of entities and dealingss involved in a system.


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