Biological Psychology is the study of psychological behavior. It focuses the brain and the rest of the nervous system. Every time you think, learn or feel something you are practicing Biological Psychology. The study of Biological Psychology includes research aimed genetics and the mechanism of human behavior. Biological Psychology emerged from different scientific traditions in the 17th- 18th century. Many scientist in that time period tried to explain behavior patterns in animals and humans. Biological Psychology also studies the genes in our body for example what you inherit from your parents.
The history of Biological Psychology can be traced back all the way to 980 C.E. by a physicist who discovered that you could treat an illness by using psychological psychology which you treat an illness by using emotions. He explained that humidity in the head can give a person a bad mood and that happiness was the cure to that which made moisture in the brain but to much moisture, the brain would lose control and it would develop a mental disorders. Biological Psychology was also studied by others like Plato and Aristotle who tried to explain what human intelligence was and how to improve it. In 1641 a man named Rene Descartes explained that the mind needed a consciousness and
self-awareness which was the difference between the mind and the brain which was the seat of intelligence.

Further research in Biological Psychology can be very helpful to the advancement of the human race. We could cure many things if we could master Biological Psychology such as Depression or even things like Alzheimer’s disease or Brain damage. Which could lead to even further discoveries.
Born Feb. 1st 1846, G.Stanley Hall was a famous American psychologist who focused on evolutionary psychology which is similar to biological psychology, they both focus on human behavior. He was well known in all fields of psychology he is greatly known for being the first president of the American Psychological Association which was a group where psychologist could share info on their newest theories and being the first American to earn a PhD in psychology. G. Stanley had a really big influence on early psychology in all fields. He was also a firm believer in Darwin’s Theory of evolution which he later studied the idea that child development affects how children develop their mental capabilities. He had many other beliefs and theories for example he talked about racial eugenics he thought that the lower races should accept the “white superior race” but he’s praised many African-Americans in society calling them smart basically. Hall died in April 24th, 1924 at the age of 78.


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