First of all, in vitro fertilization helps infertile couple. Around the world, there are some couples which may not be able to conceive a baby under normal circumstances due to different factors from both male partner and female partner, for example: abnormal menstrual cycle or sperm abnormalities etc. It is impossible for them to conceive a baby under natural means. The technology can therefore be the remedy to such problem. As in vitro fertilization, the egg is being fertilized outside the other’s womb, in a laboratory; it is possible for couples who are having infertility problems due to causes that are related to their sex organs.

And as a result the couples who have fertility problem who dreamt of having children in their family can finally conceive a baby and fulfill their dream. Another reason as for why I supported the development of the technology is because in vitro fertilization helps the field of medical research. As the embryo is artificially produced in a laboratory during in vitro fertilization, it is therefore possible for searchers to study the development of the embryo. This was impossible for researchers to do so in the past where the technology was yet to develop as the embryo is inside the mother’s womb.

By studying the embryo, researchers can now study and identify some of the causes for some infant diseases and come up with method or procedures which they enable them to cure or prevent it in the future and in turns lowering the infant mortality rate. Therefore it shows that in vitro fertilization can aid medical research and help us build a better future. However, not all people support the development of in vitro fertilization. Some believe that in vitro fertilization harms the social structure of the society and it violates some religious beliefs.

Some people beliefs that in vitro fertilization harms the social structure of a society. They believe that with in vitro fertilization, it is possible for couples to conceive a baby without having sex. This allows people who are homosexual to conceive a baby. As traditionally believed, a ‘normal’ family should be formed with partners which are opposite in sex and with or without a child. However in vitro fertilization allows partners who are not in opposite sex to conceive a child, therefore destroying the traditional social structure.

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Moreover in vitro deterioration allows surrogacy. As some mothers are not able to hold a baby in their womb, they may turn to surrogacy. However as the woman who give birth to the baby is not the biological mother of the baby; this may create identity crises to the baby and also challenging social structure by having three parents in a family. In some religious, in vitro fertilization is strictly prohibited. As some religious criticize that in vitro fertilization is unnatural and wrong.

In vitro fertilization is the creation of life by human, and therefore it is not widely accepted in different religious. For example: in Christianity, in vitro fertilization is considered ad sinful and corruption of natural conception, as the conception stated by Christianity, conceiving a baby should be carried out according to nature and through reciprocal and responsible love between a man and a woman. Yet in vitro fertilization is carried in a laboratory ND therefore Christianity regards it as unnatural and sinful.

However, the viewpoint is invalid regarding in vitro fertilization violates religious values. Christians are against in vitro fertilization largely because they believe that a proper place for a child is a loving sexual relationship between a husband and a wife. However in case of infertility, couples may already love each other deeply and had a lot of sex yet are still unable to conceive a baby. And with the help of in vitro fertilization, infertility couples who loved each other and are ready for a baby may be even the chance to have a baby.

Moreover many religious beside Christianity such as Islam, Buddhism and Judaism allows conditional in vitro fertilization as long as it is the last resort of assisted reproductive method and the sperm donor is from a close relative of the father of the baby. To sum up, in vitro fertilization brings forth both benefits and drawbacks to the society. Yet I believe that the benefit of such technology outweighs the drawbacks and the technology should therefore be further developed and help to build a better society.


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