Sauna Banks Cumulative Final Exam Review 1. Meiosis produces daughter cells a. Haploid b. Diploid 2. The restoration of the diploid chromosome number after halving in meiosis is due to a. Synapses b. Fertilization c. Mitosis d. DNA replication 3. How many daughter cells is produced in meiosis? A. Two b. Four 4. Crossing over occurs between a. Sister chromatics of homologous pairs of chromosomes b. Non-sister chromatics of non-homologous pairs of chromosomes c. Non-sister chromatics of homologous pairs of chromosomes d. Sister chromatics of non-homologous pairs of chromosomes .

What is the haploid number of chromosomes in humans? A. 23 b. 46 c. 92 6. Which meiotic division is very similar to mitosis a. First b. Second 7. In which metastases of meiosis do the chromosomes line up as homologous pairs? A. Metastases I b. Metastases II 8. What structures separate during anapest l? A. Chromatics b Homologous chromosomes 9. Human males have which combination of sex chromosomes? A. XX b. XX 10. The fertilized egg is a. Diploid b. Haploid 1 1 . How do the two members of a pair of homologous chromosomes differ from each other? A. Their length b. Their staining patterns c.

The position of the centimeter within each of the chromosomes d. The precise sequence of the DNA within each of the chromosomes 12. Which of the following is not a function of mitosis a. Asexual reproduction b. Growth c. Repair and replacement d. Formation of gametes 13. A human cell containing 22 outcomes an a Y chromosome is a. An egg b. A sperm c. A zygote d. A somatic cell off male 14. For a species with a diploid number of eight chromosomes, how many different combinations of chromosomes are possible for the gametes? D. 16 5 Hydrangea plants tot the same genotype are planted in a large towel garden.

Some of the plants produce blue flower and some produce pink flowers. This can be best explained by a. The alleles being co-dominant b. The fact that a mutation has occurred c. Environmental factors such as soil pH d. The allele for blue hydrangea being completely dominant 16. In animals, meiosis results in gametes, and fertilization results in a. Spores b. Asymptotes c. Zygotes d. Clones 17. Pink snapdragons are an example of a. Incomplete dominance b. Apostasies c. Polyclinic inheritance d. Codename 18. An organism that has the dominant phenotype is a. Homozygous dominant b.

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Heterozygous c. Homozygous recessive d. Homozygous dominant or heterozygous 19. Which of the following is an example of polyclinic inheritance? A. Skin pigmentation in humans b. The ABA blood group in humans c. Tat Shahs disease in humans d. Pink flowers in snapdragons 20. How many unique gametes could be produced through independent assortment by an individual with genotype Back? 21 . If a plant variety is true breeding for a dominant trait, then a. If the plant were allowed to self-pollinate, the dominant and recessive traits would consistently appear in a 3:1 ratio among the progeny b.

The plant was crossed with a troglodyte, one-half of the progeny would show the dominant trait, and one-half would show the recessive trait c. If the plant was crossed with a heterozygous, one- half of the progeny would show the dominant trait, and one-half would show the recessive trait. D. If the plant was allowed to self-pollinate, all of the progeny would have the dominant trait. 22. Crossing over produces a. Shorter chromosomes b. More chromosomes c. Recombinant chromosomes d. Less variation in chromosomes 23. The Fl generation differed from the IF generation on Mender’s experiment with purple and white flowers in that a.

All of the Fl generation showed the dominant phenotype, whereas only half of the IF generation did. B. All the Fl generation showed the dominant phenotype, but only three-fourths of the IF did. C. All of the Fl generation showed the dominant phenotype, and all of the IF showed the recessive phenotype. D. One-half of the Fl showed the dominant phenotype, but three fourths of the IF did 24. Flower color in pea plants is an example off a. Character b. Trait 25. The dominant allele is always the most common allele in a population a. True b. False 26. Cystic fibrosis is characterized by a.

An incorrect form of hemoglobin that leads to misshaped red blood cells b. An inability to metabolize certain lipids in brain cells c. Incorrect or missing chloride ion transport proteins in cell membranes d. An inability to break down the amino acid phenylalanine. 23. Which of the following diseases is characterized by the accumulation of certain lipid molecules in brain cells. A. Tat-Scans b. Sickle cell disease c. Huntington Disease d. Cystic Fibrosis 27. In pregnancy, which of the following techniques can be done earlier. Amniocentesis b. Chronic villous sampling 28. What is a eukaryote? . Genotype of an individual . A unique combination of chromosomes found in a gamete c. A blood type determination of an individual d. A pictorial display of an individual’s chromosome 29. Which of the following results of Mooring’s experiments with white-eyed mutant fruit flies was unexpected in light of Madeline inheritance a. In the parental cross, a white-eyed male was crossed with a red-eyed female , and all of the offspring had red eyes. B. Among the IF progeny, only males had white eyes, all the females had red eyes. C. The mutant allele (white eyes) was recessive. D.

The Fl flies were crossed with each other, and the IF progeny exhibited red yes and white eyes in a 3:1 ratio. 30. What organism did Morgan use for his studies of sex-linked inheritance? A. Pea plants b. Yeast c. Fruit flies d. Humans 31 . A man who carries an X-Inked allele will pass it on to a. All of his daughters b. Half of his daughters c. All of his sons d. Half of his sons e. All of his children 32. The X chromosome carries genes only related to being a female. B. False 33. Which of the following disorders is not sex linked? A. Hemophilia b. Color blindness c. Tat-Shahs disease d. Dutchmen muscular dystrophy a. True 34.

A woman is color-blind. What can we conclude, if anything, about her father? Here is too little information to tell anything b. There is a 50% chance that he is color-blind c. He is color-blind d. He has two Y chromosomes. 35. How would you describe a XX female? A. Normal and healthy a. B. Appears normal but sterile c. Appears more male than female d. XX females do not exist because the embryo does not develop 36. Down Syndrome is due to an extra number chromosome a. 13 b. 18 c. 21 d 23 37. In analyzing the number of different bases in a DNA sample, which result would be consistent with the base-pairing rules? A. A=G b. A+G=C+T C.

A+T=G+T d. A=c 38. Which strand of DNA is synthesized continuously? . Leading strand b. Lagging strand 39. In the DNA molecule, the two strands are held together by bonds b. Monopole covalent bonds c. Hydrogen bonds d. Ionic bonds 40. A cell that has an +1 chromosome is a. Triassic b. Monistic c. Polyploidy d. Triploid 41 . In what direction is a new strand of DNA produced? A. 30th’ b. 30th’ c. Either direction 42. What makes up the backbone of the DNA molecule? A. Alternating phosphates and nitrogenous bases b. Phosphates c. Alternating didgeridoos sugars and nitrogenous bases d. Alternating phosphates and didgeridoos sugars 43.


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