Working version of the 1st lecture exam, as of 19 January 2014 1. Science can prove hypotheses to be false because: 2. In a population: phenotype Average number of offspring per individual Very small nose 5. 5 Small nose 6. 0 Medium size nose 10. 7 Large nose 20. 7 What is the relative fitness of organisms with small noses? 3. In the above population, assuming that at one time the population followed a normal curve for nose size, which mode of selection occurred? . Bobbie is conducting an experiment evaluating the performance of sunflower lands from seeds produced during the winter and sunflower plants from seeds produced during the summer. Babies null hypothesis is: 5. The prediction for which Darwin had evidence that is similar to our modern evidence is: 6. In a population of plants, the following data are collected. Time 1 2. O. Up= 0. 7 o. Sq= 0. 3 0. IPPP= 0. 53 ups= 0. APPC= 0. 35 0. Q=o. 12 The best explanation for the trend seen in these data is: 7.

How would you know if a population is in HEW? 8. Knell (2004) argues that soon after syphilis appeared in Europe that: 9. Knell (2004) argues that the less virulent disease strains of syphilis achieved remission rates than more virulent disease strains of syphilis soon after syphilis appeared in Europe. A. Higher. Lower 10. There are two deterrent ways the water snail, Alumnae prepare, can coil: textural and Sinatra. Textural coiling is caused by the dominant allele (D) and Sinatra is caused by the recessive allele (d).

Although this is a completely dominant trait, the genotypes of all individuals in a population were determined yielding the following data: AD ad Conduct a X square test to determine if the population is evolving. Show all your work. In your answer, be sure you 1. Clearly state your hypothesis, 2. Omelet the X square table 3. Indicate the degrees of freedom 4. State the P value, 5. Interpret the P value, 6. State if you reject or fail to reject your hypothesis, 7. State if this population is evolving or not. 8.


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