L. Summary As what is said on the paper, the recent advances biotechnology and the availability of ever more powerful computers have led to the formulation of increasingly complex models at all levels of biology. This paper shows the innovations in studying biology. It discusses the biological level of organization and it also describes the model that has seem to be found on the said level. It was also discussed on this paper that the complex models that was developed for the past few years must have the new methods and techniques to model it.

The Journal tackles the level of organization, multi-scale in modeling in biology, MD of ion channels and heart modeling. This journal would help us to understand more the modeling in biology and would help us more understand biology. II. Reflection The Journal is all about the studies and developments on the advanced biotechnology. It explains the evolution or innovations that are used for modeling in biology. There were many evolution and advances in biotechnology that were had been very helpful on the modeling of biology.

This Journal major aim is to produce integrated process in modeling the multi spatial scales and physical process. In the paper they also tackle about the level of organization which in the following levels where sectioned and studied. The Environment as the largest level of organization and Quantum as the smallest. In level of organization it also includes the molecular, macro-molecular, sub-cellular, cellular, tissue, organ, organ system and organism. They also tackle the multi-scale in modeling biology it has its sub topics, the formulation and linking between scales.

The formulation is to describe the system requires some simplifying assumptions, so the solution of the equations is an approximation of the behavior of the more complex system. The other is the Linking between the scale, this type of modeling was not applicable to the large scale of life sciences. As what we have understood the paper discusses the level of organization, multi-scale in modeling biology and many more. I believe that those topics can help us in our field of study which is Biology. As biology students we clearly thought that his Journal has a relation in our course.

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These may help us understand the relation of integration in modeling biology. It may also help us to make models in our studying. These may help us understand more what is biology about and it will made us more interested on the subject. We think that it is necessary for us to know about the models in biology because models are used to represent usually in an abbreviated form, a more complex and detailed reality. They are more accessible convenient or familiar to practitioners than the subject of study.

Model is a representation of some reality that embodies some essential and interesting aspects of that reality, but not all of it. Ill. Conclusion On the said Journal the authors said that “The biomedical sciences undergone revolution over the past few decades. Advances in biotechnology, underpinned by massive leap in computational resources have provided a wealth of biological data at all levels in biological organization. ” As what is said on the paper there were more revolution and advances on the biotechnology.

For us, we think those as advantages. Having advanced biotechnology may help us study more adjectively and easier. The innovation in microscopy and in biological imaging has provided descriptions of unprecedented detail of the constituent parts of the basic structures of living organism. We agree on the authors thought in this Journal. The Journal that they had made was way too informative that we had learned so much by reading the paper. Especially it is interesting to us because it has relation in biology which is our field of study.

The modeling in biology was a great idea because of this the learning in logy would be easy and effective. ‘V. Application The Journal can help us understand the biology well. As what it has discussed the models in biology can make us understand more the topic by using models. Models are essential aspects and phenomenon is well represented. In biological phenomena, what is interesting and significant is usually a set of relationships from the interaction of two molecules to the behavior of a population in its environment. The different field of science have traditionally used models for different purposes.


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