Normal human instinct would tell us that we are hungry and that we should eat, but what is really going on When a person becomes hungry there s a chemical reaction also known as a peptide which is primarily produced in the stomach. Gherkin which is the chemical process acts like a appetite stimulant which is why you can Feel hungry. When you are hungry your stomach secretes gherkin and fills up in your stomach causing a chemical reaction which goes to your brain telling you that you are hungry and you need to eat something.

When you have eaten and your stomach has stretched the gherkin is drain from your stomach telling the brain that you are no longer hungry. This process has also been known as the hunger hormone process. Tiger, 2014) With this specific effect I have experience it many times in my life, as all people have. Every person in the world has experienced this process because without it we would not survive. In my experience when I am at work for eight hours during the night and I have forgotten to bring food with me. My stomach will begin to rumble and feel nauseous which tells me that I need to eat something because my stomach needed nourishment.

When I got home from work I eat a bagel and yogurt causing my stomach to expand which in return removed the gherkin effect telling my brain that I was no longer hungry. Select an action you perform on a daily basis. Outline which parts of the nervous system are involved and how they work together to perform this action. Being a young adult staying fit and in shape is normal. Although I go to the gym throughout the week, I normally stick to a specific workout routine, advancing as I go depending on my progress and when I feel that it is time to challenge myself.

When I do workout I may not finish my routine at the same time everyday because as I challenge myself I may stop my workout for the day if I were to get tired or flushed. When my routine is finished for he day my nervous system begins to kick in. I first start to feel sore in my muscles as I have Just stretched them and overworked them for what they are used to doing. Next my body will start to quiver. Neurologically these two events were happening because my brains sent out impulses which were relayed to by spinal cord then sent out throughout my bodies muscles.

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Motor neurons which is the impulse being sent out from my muscles are what tell me that they are tired and cannot be exercised any longer by causing soreness for me to feel. This may seem like a brain reaction UT it is actually a reflex reaction which is caused by the muscles themselves. Although my experience in the gym I do tend to get too confident and because of this sometimes I will exercise until I become sore. The only reason that my brain becomes involved because it is reacting to the pain that I am feeling thorough my body and lets me know that I need to stop for the day and rest.

Select a personal experience regarding vision and hearing. For example, you are at a baseball game, see a batter swing, and near the sound tot the ball being nit or you attend a concert where you see ND hear a band perform music. Describe the process your sensory systems go through to interpret this experience. During the Fourth of July I witnessed a firework display. Many lights and colors were being thrown into the air at high speeds followed by many loud explosions and booms.

What was fascinating was that I was able to comprehend which colors and sounds were coming from each firework that would fill the sky against the darkness behind them. With that being said the process that went along side with my experience was all supported by my sensory During my experience what was happening was that as I was yeasts. Watching these fireworks the receptors which are located in the retinas which are located in both my eyes were continuously adapting to the colors of the light Just like you would see on a camera as it tried to focus in on a picture.


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