Animal and Plant Tissues Studies Date submit: 1 July 2013 Lecturer’s Name : MD. Nor Isaiah Hosannas Introduction : The most commonly instrument used for observing cells is the compound light microscope. Light means that light rays are used to illuminate the specimen. Two factors are important in a microscope. One of these is magnification must also give a clear picture to be useful. Resolving power determines how much detail can actually be seen as magnification increases.

The light microscope Material : 1. Prepared slides : Animal tissue slide Plant tissue slide 1. A few of prepared animal and plant tissue slides using the light microscope is observed. 2. Then, the magnification using xx and 1 Ox is focused 3. The picture for only one type cell is drawn Observation : Discussion : 1. What is the function of dyes in the preparation of the specimens for microscope? Dyes are used because dyes have positive electrons which react with the negative in the specimens thereby giving them color or no color to be observed and identified. Which is easier between stained or unstained slides in order to observe tissue specimen? Explain courteously answer. Stained slides is easier more clearer in order to observe tissue specimen than unstained slides because stained slides have color to determine it’s structure. Exercise 1. 3 : Observation of fresh specimen Apparatuses : 2. Dropper 3. Slide and cover slide 4. Needle/Toothpick 5. Tissue 1. Pond water / Standing water 1. One drop of pond water is dropped in the middle of the clean slide using a dropper. 2.

Using the light microscope, the microorganism in the specimen is observed. 3. The microorganism is drawn and the magnification used is stated. 1. What a different between stained and unstained slide? The different between stained and unstained slide is the stained slide gives color to the slide and gives more accurate observation than unstained slide. Conclusion : The structure of thyroid gland cell observed is irregular in shape and have plasma membrane surround the cell. References : 1. Biology Lab Manual Module 2. Oxford Biology for Matriculation Semester 1 (Fourth Edition)


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