The carbon cycle is the way that carbon is cycled throughout the atmosphere. Carbon is never used up but always recycled. When people burn wood and fossil fuels, carbon is released into the atmosphere. Producers, or plants, take up that CA through the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when plants use the energy from sunlight to produce glucose, or food. One of the reactants of photosynthesis is carbon. When those plants are eaten by animals, like people, some carbon is transferred to the consumer.

When those consumers breathe out, through the second cellular process of respiration (which carbon is a product of), they release some of the carbon back into the atmosphere. If the plants don’t get eaten and they eventually die, or the animals that ate them do, they decompose and the last of the carbon is put back into the soil. Detersives, or garbage eaters that eat dead plants and animals, eat the leftovers, and return the final amount of carbon back into the atmosphere through respiration, where the process starts over again.

The carbon cycle is in a stable balance because it is used over and over. 2 fields carrots in one field carrots and legumes in other-?help w/growth which way will get nitrogen to grow more? Fields under same variables Month late test to see which carrot is bigger Will the crops grow better with legumes? List materials and procedures Biology BIB’S cycle is in a sat able balance because it is used over and over. Some tot the carbon back into the atmosphere. It the plants don’t get eaten and they


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