A team of researchers led by Kings College London What: This article is about the discovery of a new gene which may be able to prevent HIVE. When: September 20th is when the article is posted but this probably took course over an extended period of time. Where: This again does not say a specific area. Summary of Article A team of researchers have discovered a new gene that may prevent HIVE. Researchers say this gene could be a new target for effective, less toxic treatments here the body’s own natural defense system is movable against the virus.

The work was supported by the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research (NAIR) Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s and SST Thomas’ INS Foundation Trust and King’s College London. Scientists carried out experiments on human cells in the lab, introducing the virus to two different cell lines and observed the effects. In one cell line the MAX gene was ‘switched on’, and in the other it was not. They saw that in the cells where MAX was not ‘switched on’ , the virus spread.

In he cells where the MAX gene were ‘switched on’, the virus was not able to spread and no new viruses were found or produced. Vocabulary Replicate: (v) Make an exact copy of ; Reproduce Inhibitors: (n) Someone or something that inhibits or restrain something. Question Responses 1. In your own words, what did you learn from this article? I learned that in this world there is so many discoveries and that we are very close to finding a prevention method of HIVE. There is Just so much in this world that has yet to be explored. 2. How do you feel about this topic? I think its pretty cool.

I like how us, as humans, are discovering different things and using our brains to make our lives and world easier and better to live in. 3. How does this article relate to science? This article is about genes and life, Its about us finding prevention methods for diseases and discovering things. 4. What other good science questions could does this rise?

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