Through understanding Rican and ribosomal function, the scientific community is creating ways to control and maximize resin’s potential. Rican and ribosome are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Ribosome play a vital role in the continuation of life on this planet. Proteins consisting of amino acids are an essential component of life. Ribosome are responsible for assembling these very important structures. On the other hand, Rican inhibits protein synthesis (Krieger 2010). Relatively comparing, a dose the size of a few tablespoons can kill a human (Krieger 2010).

Thus, Rican can be considered detrimental to life. With Rican and ribosome being polar opposite, scientists try to apply the resin’s capabilities in a positive direction. Resin’s ability to disrupt amino acids chains can be used in medical treatments. In theory, Rican can be used to help stop protein synthesis in cancer cells. Cancer cells typically express telemeters, enabling them to continue dividing when normal human cells would stop Alberta, Bray, Hopkins, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, and Walter 2010).

Rican can help disrupt the components of telemeters and stop the cancer from spreading. However, for the process to be viable doctors must be able control Rican from killing the rest of the body after Rican dismantles diseased cells. Therefore, the scientific community must understand which compounds impede Rican. Extensive research is being conducted upon Rican to identify which compounds prevent its consequences. Resin’s ability is displayed on the battlefield. In war, they liquefy Rican and spray it on their enemies.

In addition, sometimes seeds are engulfed accidental. Without immediate treatment, the patient will die. To combat resin’s fatal properties, a recent research has screened over 118000 compounds with three of them significantly delaying Rican- included cell death (Home, Latest, and Mantis 2012). These three compounds only slow down the rate of Rican but the cell will eventually die. By conducting further research, more effective compounds may be discovered and hopefully one which intros Rican.

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