Regulation of gene expression includes the processes that cells and viruses that are used to regulate the information in genes and how they are turned into gene products. 2). Explain how introductions may be related to Down syndrome. Describe four syndromes that result from inheritance of an abnormal sex chromosome number. During meiosis chromosomes are separated equally but if they are not separated equally this is known as non-disjunction in males meiosis I accounts for 80% of cases this is where gametes end up with either an extra chromatic or no chromatic.

With Down syndrome the offspring carries an extra chromatic in Chromosome 21 which is Tourism 21 . You have Turner syndrome which is one of the three most common chromosome abnormalities found in first trimester they often have extensive edema which results in neck webbing and arched nails and usually have heart defects and kidney malformation. Triple X syndrome which females are tall and are usually fertile but a significant number have originate problems including infertility.

If fertile, there is an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities some have delays in language, and learning skills and have impaired communication and psychosocial adaptation. Glitterier syndrome cause’s hypochondria, separation or logarithmic in some cases males are infertile and their sexual function is normal but Witt decreased lie Dido. Most nave autoimmune susceptibility Witt high mortar rate for cardiovascular disease and have normal IQ although often less than siblings and their reading skills are often poor. 3).

What Studs are caused by viruses and which Studs are caused by bacteria? What are the symptoms and treatments for each of these Studs? Here are the Studs that are caused by bacteria they are generator, syphilis, Chlamydia and chancier while these are the ones caused by viruses human voluptuaries, genital herpes, and HIVE with all this sexual activity has a great role in spreading many other infectious agents you re still possible to be infected without sex by these diseases which are hepatitis A and B viruses, shillelagh, circumscription and Guardia lamina.

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For males with herpes they will have blisters or open sores in genital area with burning and tingling sensation before those signs show with females they might not know they have them because they are inside the vagina. AIDS signs are you will be tired and have fever although there is still no cure but there are medications to keep under control HP is genital warts they are hard painless bumps if untreated may form in shape like lifework are treated by topical drug that is applied to skin or you may have surgery. Chlamydia is abnormal discharge or burning while urinating can cause people to be infertile can be treated with antibiotics.

Generator discharge from penis or vagina along with painful urination can be treated with antibiotics also. Syphilis open sores on penis or around vagina, also around mouth, on your hands and around your Anus the treatment for this is Penicillin 4). Your friend knows that you took Human Biology and studied genetics. She asks you to explain a Pungent square to her. How do you explain how a Pungent square is dead? Apply the following terms to your explanation: dominant, recessive, one-trait & two-trait crosses, debris cross and probability.

First you have to understand what everything term means so then I would say a Genotype has letters that make up the individual. Ex is TTT or TTT then you have next is a Phenotype these are the physical characteristics for one trait. Ex. Is. Tall or short people, then you have a Dominant trait which is shown as capital letter like T. Next you have what is a Recessive trait which is shown as a small case letter like t. Then you have a Monophonic Cross which is a Single-Factor Cross this is shown by one trait used in the genetic cross.

Ex is T=Tall, t=short. For one trait two letters represent the genes while the two trait will be one Capital letter and small case letters then you have what is called a Debris Cross which is a Two-factor Cross. This is when two traits are used in the genes. Like T=Tall, t=short and also another way to say this is B=Black hair then b=white hair then with all shows the factor of which you might be taller than your siblings or even smarter or in some cases siblings might be identical in every matter tall, short or very smart.


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