A saturated fat has one or more double bonds between the carbons in its fatty acid tail: A) True B) False Points Earned: 2. 0/2. 0 Correct Answer(s): False 2. This organelle keeps DNA from getting tangled in cytoplasm machinery and isolates it from damaging reactions A) endoplasmic reticulum B) nucleus C) nucleolus D) googol body 3. A buffer protects cells against: A) changes in pH B) excessive weight gain C) salt D) heat damage 4. Two or more chemically bonded atoms of the same or different elements make up a/ n: A) tissue B) element C) protein D) molecule 5.

Which of the following organelles is NOT a part of the endometrial system? A) Googol body B) Endoplasmic Reticulum C) Vesicles D) Mitochondria 6. Why must cells remain far from chemical equilibrium? A) because they want metabolic reactions to continue proceeding B) because they want metabolic reactions to stop proceeding C) the closer a cell is to chemical equilibrium, the more stable it is D) cells want to achieve chemical equilibrium 7. The study of cells began in A) 1836, Roseland Franklin B) 1955, James Watson C) 1660, Robert Hooked D) 1595, Charles Linnaeus when created the first microscope: .

While you were taking this test, you would hold your fingers above the keyboard ready to select the best answer to a particular question. When your fingers were in the “ready” position they were exhibiting a. Energy. Once you started typing your answer, your fingers were then exhibiting b. Energy. The process of changing from one type of energy to the next is known as . During this process, you lost some energy to the environment as heat, which is random molecular movement towards a disordered arrangement, also known as d. . A) a. Kinetic b. Potential c. Entropy d. First law of harmonicas B) a. Potential b. Kinetic c. First law of thermodynamics d. Entropy C) a. Required b. Acquired c. Entropy d. First law of thermodynamics D) a. Exercising b. Undergoing c. Relativity d. Entropy 9. A scientific theory: A) is accepted B) ties together many observations and suggests predictions about phenomena C) is an explanation of natural phenomenon D) all are correct 10. A biological molecule that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio and is the most plentiful in nature (think photosynthesis).

This molecule dissolves easily in water and is a/n: A) lipid B) protein C) nucleic acid D) carbohydrate 11. Electrons have Alan A) negative B) positive C) neutral 12. Charge: A cell that has no defined nucleus or membrane bound organelles is a/n: A) Prokaryotic cell B) Eukaryotic cell 13. This organelle is the energy powerhouse of the cell and is the site for aerobic respiration in eukaryote A) googol body B) chloroplast C) nucleus D) mitochondria 14.

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Photosynthesis is an example of an Undergoing reaction. This means: A) it is a reduction reaction B) it requires energy to synthesize larger molecules C) both a and c are correct D) it releases energy w Nile breaks g chemical bonds in large molecules Points Earned: 0. 0/2. 0 c 15. Ribosome synthesize A) carbohydrates B) lipids C) proteins D) energy 16. When two or more atoms share electrons, this is called a/n: A) ionic bond B) shared bond C) covalent bond D) hydrogen bond


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