ND identify the bones making up the Pentecostal limb structure. Make a labeled sketch in your workbook of the forelimbs of two specimens. 3 Describe the differences you see in the two sketches. 4 Complete the missing labels from the lizard skeleton 5 Using colored pencils, shade each type of bone for each animal. Use one color per bone type. Include an appropriate key. Results: Discussion: Both the bird and the bat have the same Pentecostal forelimb structure, namely the hummers, radius, ulna, carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges.

However the bird’s carpals are relatively argue with its phalanges and metacarpals wider and visible, whereas the bat’s carpal s are barely seen, adding to the ambiguity of the presence of both the phalanges and the metacarpals in the area. The Pentecostal forelimb structure of the seven vertebrates shown in the student worksheet, [cat, whale, bird, bat, human, frog, and lizard] makes it well suited to the organism’s niche in a way that the structure is well created to suit the environment and its surrounding habitats of these organisms and elf them with their normal lifestyle in this world.

The Pentecostal forelimb structure enables these above mentioned organisms to function in an adaptive society that further suits their ability to evolve and adapt to the current world and now they manage to coexist Witt the evolutionary world the wings of an insect and the wings off bird are homologous in a sense whereby the both have organs of similar structure, however used in different ways. We define these sort of structures as homologous structures.

Conclusion: It is therefore reasonable to conclude that organisms have evolved from one common ancestor, commonly known as the apes for humans, or the Utopia antique for the wide variety of species and organisms of this kind mentioned above. Therefore we conclude that organisms I including us have evolved from one common ancestor, who had Pentecostal forelimbs, thereby implying that we have inherited their genes and evolved to be Pentecostal forelimb like our ancestors of the evolutionary past.

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