Matthew Minims Biology Honors Reflection 2nd nine weeks Period: 2 In this honors portfolio we created models of the cell cycle and used those models to create an animation. The purpose of this is to, first, memorize the visuals of the cell cycle. The Second is to understand what’s going on in the visuals by creating commentary to describe the changes from stage to stage. The third is to repeat the first and second by critiquing other videos.

We used our understanding of mitosis that we were taught in class to create these animations. The easiest part of this project would be creating the models. This is can be done from memory easily. The hardest part of this project would be uploading my animation. The process was missing a step that is sometimes not even there. There is a save button after the final step that you have to click on that does not show up all the time. My friend had the same problem but fixed it by trying random stuff like that eave button.

I always question how the cell knows what to do in mitosis. Sure the DNA tells it what to do, but I don’t understand how it gets that information. This project on top on the things I talked about in the first paragraph gave me a better understanding of technology in general. Specifically, This project introduced me to photo story and gave me more experience with was gamma. I always appreciate being introduced to new technology that I could use in the future.


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