The article “Biology is Beauty’ by Geoffrey Cooley touches on the aspects behind beauty. The article states that everyone shares a sense of what is attractive. Basically, Cooley is stating that people are attracted to what is on the outside, even if we do not know it. Even though points of attraction can vary over societies, beauty is an innate quality we all think of. The article touches on a few examples that the author feels explains. First, Cooley says that humans love symmetry; people prefer other people hose physical features are symmetric.

These findings on symmetry were proven to be true despite race or gender. To prove this point, the author provided data from a study at the University of Texas. The study took 3 and 6 month old children and showed them series of photos. There were sets of photos with 2 photos at a time, one considered attractive and another considered unattractive. The study showed that the babies spent considerably more time staring at the photos of attractive people. The study was run multiple times using female and males of different races.

This duty is trying to show that humans are prepared to favor more attractive people. Further into the article the author mentions the connection between beauty and body type. Men and women have tendencies to like people with better body types, more so with men. Certain animals choose their mates off which is the most physically dominant, and the article suggests humans are not so far off. The article provides the views of the skeptics but states their research proves their assumptions. The article has a few positive and negative aspects.

A pro to this article is fact that en are attracted to women with better bodies. This is generally true in society for both men and women. However, this statement is not always true. Humans are not so much attracted to a person with the best body type, but more so the body type that suites their needs the best. People are individuals and attractiveness to body types is not so much an innate quality. There is some truth to fact that symmetrical faces are more appealing. Physical attractiveness does first ignite interactions between two people but it is not the most overlaying factor as the article suggests.

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Beauty does not begin and end on the outside; a person’s inner qualities define them Just as much, if not more, than their physical beauty. Humans do share qualities with animals as the article states, but overall the individuality of people is truly what defines their beauty. When it comes to accredit this article to be published, I feel that it should. Even though I do not fully agree with all the aspects of this article, the statistical data the author shows holds some merit. This article brings up controversy as well, putting people at odds on how much beauty really matters.


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