Living things use energy… Living things take in energy for maintenance and growth of the being. Living things respond to their environment… Living things will change and adapt to suit their environment. Living things reproduce… Creating offspring is essential for the survival off species however not essential for the individual. Living things grow… Cell division the formation of new cells threw existing ones. 2. Mammalian , chordate, amphibian , caudate, plenipotentiary, oedipal , Oedipal complex…. Gambol worm salamander 3.

Producers such as plants are able to produce their own food using energy from the sun and are essential for an ecosystem because they create food for everything else. Decomposer are also essential because they get rid of the waste created by consumers and producers. 4. An experiment that would be able to test the hypothesis that sunlight helps goldfish grow could be easily created by exposing two goldfish in a bowl to direct sunlight, having 2 goldfish in another bowl exposed to partial sunlight, and 2 gold fish in a third bowl to no sunlight at all as a control.

The independent variable would be the bowl that is in the sunlight. The dependent variable is if the fish that have been exposed to sunlight are larger then the ones that have not been. The reason for having 2 fish in each bowl is to help prevent error to get a more conclusive answer. Finally you would also control how much food you are feeding to each fish. Is this too short I don’t think it is too short how long do you want it to be be be be in biology is cool and stuff with the words that are science you you you Jacuzzi tag tag word word word living things living wings


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