Use available evidence to suggest reasons for the differences in the range of electromagnetic radiation detected by humans and other animals: Reasons for differences in detection between humans and other animals: The differences between human detection range and other animals detection range relates to their environment in which they live in and their way of life. The detection out of the visible spectrum is usually an adaptation for survival of the organism.

Humans detection range of 380-750 NM (visible light) Ocean only detects narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum , visible light. To some extent we can detected a small amount of infra red by the heating action. We detect the visible light spectrum by the special cells located on the retina in our eye. Humans have colored binocular vision. 0 reasons for this: active mainly during the day color vision is important to distinguish information about the environment- food sources, interpersonal relationships etc

Other animals: Vertebrates: * Pit viper : 0 detection range of 400-850 NM (visible light and into infra red) Reasons for this – uses visible light when not in burrow, – relies on infra red due to habitat in dark burrow – also relies on IR due to hunting prey * Hummingbird: when basking in sun Visible spectrum detection range the same as humans (380 – 750 NM) 0 Reasons for this – detection of food sources.

Good visible sight allows the hummingbird to detect flowers from up to a km away Invertebrates: Honey bee: 0 detection range boot in ultraviolet and visible spectrum 0 reasons tort this – visible spectrum due to find flowers and pollen visually – uses IV to detect ultraviolet markings on flowers, and uses polarities light for navigation * Mantis shrimp: 0 detection range in both the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum 0 reasons for this – visual light to see to escape predators in well lit waters where it lives. Perceives colors to allow hunting waters – iv light for navigation in not so well lit

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