Rice, the staple food of many Filipinos, could be categorized to belong in: Kingdom – Plantar Phylum – Anthony Class – Monocotyledon Order – Glorifier Family – Peace Genus – Razz Species – Sati Both rice and corn belongs to the class Monocotyledon, then they must also belong to the same I Family I I phylum I I species I Question 1 Explanation: I Genus I if rice and corn belong to the same class, then they must also belong to the same phylum and kingdom. Question CORRECT I Which of the following process maintains the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle?

I respiration I I photosynthesis I I fossil fuels I I decomposition I Question 2 Explanation: the carbon dioxide- oxygen cycle is maintained in the respiration of plants and animals. Question ROWING I Based on the table below, which would best describe Class Eaves? I Emperor Penguin I Common Raven I Kingdom I Mammalian I Mammalian I Phylum I Chordate I Chordate I Class Eaves I Eaves I Order I Spoonerism’s I Passerines Family I Specialized I Corridor I Genus I Potentates I Corpus I Species I forester I coral I I It is a class for animals who can fly.

I It is a class for feathery vertebrates. I I It is a class for birds. I I It is a class for animals with beaks. Question 3 Explanation: Birds are generally classified under class Eaves. They are described as bipedal, endothermic, feathered and winged animals. Question CORRECT I What can be said about a perfect flower? I It has both petals and sepals I I It has both male and female parts on the same flower I I It is long-stemmed I I It has radiant colors I Question 4 Explanation: Perfect flower has both male and female parts.

Some examples are dandelions and . Question 5 roses One phylum of animals, the chordates, has been more intensively studied than has NY other, because it comprises nearly all the world’s largest and most familiar animals as well as humans. The feature uniting these animals is that at some stage in their lives, all have a flexible supporting rod, called a I redactor I I phosphoric I I spinal I Question CORRECT I I notched I This kingdom comprises of organisms with cell walls that has the same substance as that of the outer bodies of insects.

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I Kingdom Prokaryote I I Kingdom Fungi I I Kingdom Prosiest I I Kingdom Plantar I Question 6 Explanation: The cell walls of fungi are made of the polymer chitin, not cellulose like plant cells, which is the same substance found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans and insects. Question CORRECT I What do we mean when we say that “organisms with favorable variations reproduce more successfully than organisms with less favorable variations?

I Use and disuse I I Cross- breeding I I Production I I Survival of the fittest I Question 7 Explanation: survival of the fittest: according to Darning’s theory of evolution, organisms that have adapted better to their environment reproduce more effectively than those that don’t. Question ROWING I Which of the following is the chemical name of Volt. 2? I Riboflavin I I Biotin I I Folic Acid I I Niacin I Question 8 Explanation


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