All living things come from pre-existing cells by the process of cell division Cells are the basic unit of life. IV. Functions inside the cell A. Nutrition- obtain food molecules B. Digestion- food particles are broken down C. Absorption- cells absorb water and materials D. Biosynthesize- organize chemicals to form substances E. Excretion- wastes are eliminated F. Locomotion- movement of cells G. Reproduction (through cell division)- process by which cell copies and replicates DNA H. Respiration- breaking down food to produce energy for other cell function l. Response to Stimulus c.

V. Parts and Functions tot Parts Structure Function Bacteria/Plant/Animal Drawing A. Cell Membrane cell Double later of phosphoric layer (phosphate and lipid group) *Since protein and carbohydrates cannot go through the cell membrane there are Protein Receptor and Carbohydrates Receptor [ATA] -protects the cell -boundary between the cell and its environment -gives form and shape to the cell -connects the cell to another -locomotion B. Cytoplasm -Jellylike material -colorless to translucent – where the organelles are suspended – where one process of cell respiration happens C.

Organelles Mitochondria Rod shaped organelle that has two parts: matrix and Cristal – Where TAP is produced -powerhouse -where cellular respiration occurs Plant and Animal cell only Endoplasmic Reticulum a. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum b. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum -long strands of membrane that connects the nucleus to the plasma attached to it -Has no ribosome -protein synthesis -lipid synthesis Plant and Animal Cell only 3. Googol Apparatus Series of vesicles that are membrane bound -Where the proteins and lipids are packaged for distribution Plant and animal cell only 4.

Vacuoles Fluid filled cavity that are membrane bound – has ribosome *Just in case an pip-label young parts as exam, mass Malawi young vacuoles says as lissome. Where food and water are stored for future use 5. Lissome Membrane bound organelle that is full of hydrolysis enzymes Causes optimism or cell death 6. Cytokines Consists of misconstrues in a complex network Gives shape and support D. Nucleus 1. Nuclear pore 2. Nuclear membrane 3. Nucleolus 4. Nucleolus Spherical structure located at the center of the cell 1. Exit, entrance of materials . Retests the nucleus 3. Where the chromosomes are located 4. Holds the chromosomes Animal and Plan Cell only E. Special Parts 1.

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