Bipolar Disorder Caleb Cesareans General psychology MIFF @ lo:o Professor Stevenson November 18, 2013 Bipolar disorder is a very severe mental disorder that is commonly diagnosed incorrectly. Many clinicians state that bipolar disorder is the most critical mental disorder that exists in this modern day. This disorder affects 3% to 5% of the world with detrimental effects on life contingency. Suicide Is a major concern when discussing, and understanding this disorder. Individuals who suffer from this disorder are 60% higher than those of the general population when referring to suicide.

Lower wages and unemployment are other statistics that may be higher for one who has this disorder. Eighty-one percent of individuals with bipolar disorder had a current combine medical condition (Leafy). The causes of the significant disorder are still not completely understood or known. However, over the past ten years of the bipolar spectrum, which elated highs of mania, and lows of major depression are the two extremes that seem to be more explicit. Many experts are starting to relate this disorder to generations before. Thus, it could partially be hereditary.

Genetically related issues could reflect some of the region why one could obtain this disorder. Research also persuades us to believe that this disorder’s severity is accountable towards ones environmental and lifestyle issues (Wolff). Stressful Issues or lifestyle events such as alcohol or drug abuse can make this disorder harder to treat. Bipolar disorder can be a major factor In effecting family life, or the work environment. Patients who suffer from bipolar disorder may be Cesareans 2 in denial. When somebody points out their mood swings, they could possibly be very offensive.

In result explains an increased divorce rate when suffering from this disorder. The symptoms from this disorder can be very obvious to the common eye. In contrast spectators may not want to point out the obvious because of the reaction that might occur. Mood changes may be the most noticeable symptoms that can be recognized. A patient can be overly happy and overwhelmed with Joy, then out of nowhere may become a most disturbed aggravated, on edge person in a matter of seconds (Johnson). That depends on the severity of the patient. Behavioral changes an be another symptom that can be addressed.

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Rapid, excessive talking, or being the inability to sleep are two more examples of symptoms of bipolar disorder. All of these things affect someone’s everyday life. Logically speaking when someone is tired they are on edge. Being restless can cause them to lash out at people that they necessarily shouldn’t. Very easily could make that individual unpleasant to be around. Setting an example for your children is very important. Kids seeing someone suffering from this disorder may think it is okay to lash out or talk to others in a negative way (Wolff).

Treatment for bipolar disorder can be very effective depending on how much the patient applies the treatment, and how consistently. The primary treatment for this disorder is medication. Medication definitely helps but must be accompanied by several other factors. Medication helps but must be accompanied by several other factors. Medication alone would not be very effective if it stood as the only treatment (Leafy). Counseling is the second thing that goes along with medication to treat such a critical disorder.

Depending on the patient several different types of counseling an be successful: individual counseling, which is one-to-one, family counseling, which involves patient, family, and psychologist, and finally, group Cesareans 3 counseling, which consist of several patients suffering from the same disorder. The importance of treatment is undeniable. The more dedicated and willing a patient is to treatment, the less likely they are to lash out or have constant mood swings. Normality is what is trying to be achieved. However, without treatment a patient with this disorder will continue to be unpleasant to be around.

Bipolar disorder is more common than what people think. It is also frequently overlooked. The symptoms are usually very obvious, but people around the person they believe suffer from this disorder may not let that person know because of fear of the reaction. Letting them know about it would be the better thing to do therefore they could become aware and maybe eventually accept the disorder, followed by seeking treatment. If treatment is used effectively then the patient will in return become much more likable to be around. Thus, society will be a whole lot better off if an individual can accept their disorder and treat it.


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