Dear collegue as we embark on this escapade of get downing our ain Records Company. there are some things that we need to go familiar with in order to be successful. We need to acquire acquainted and become knowleageable with some of the different Information Systems that will assist our compny be a successful 1. See below for some of the necessary systems that we will be necessitating.

Integrating certain information systems within a concern organisation will non merely turn out for a faster more efficient workplace but will besides better the bottom line for company growing. Even though there are legion information systems that can be implemented and utilized to better the growing and enlargement of the company. there are five information systems that the company should concentrate on utilizing: Office Automation System. Expert System. Management Information System. Electronic Commerce System. and Transaction Processing System. The recommended information systems listed in this proposal are simple to utilize and be effectual. Each information system needs to be evaluated based on their advantages and disadvantages. we will discourse them in item.

Management Information System ( MIS ) : This system is in charge of pull offing all organisational webs and guaranting all systems are running consequently. The MIS would besides include cognition of all employee information every bit good as tracking client gross revenues and managing company budgets. Covering with allocated budgets could present an ethical issue depending on the director in charge. which. if based on a clean background cheque and character. should non be an issue.

Office Automation System: This system will assist the flow of employee productiveness maintain a changeless and progressive form. This system. or the OAS. will supply employees with the proper tools to make effectual paperss for mundane concern related demands.

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Transaction Processing Systems ( TPS ) : This is needed in order to carry on day-to-day operationsThe point of sale ( POS ) is one such system that can be designed make minutess efficient by roll uping and hive awaying gross revenues minutess. bring forthing purchase orders. and supplying tracking Numberss for single gross revenues. Datas can reassign and used with accounting and stock list control package plans. These systems will follow the dealing from start point through the completed procedure and has the capableness to gaining control records and informations.

Electronic Commerce System: This system will enable you to carry on minutess with different organisations and between your concern and your consumers.

Adept System: This system is the system that will O.K. recognition cards. | The system crashing and doing us non to be able to take recognition cards so
go forthing us without the dealing doing us non to run into our end.

Keep in head that all of these sytems have their drawbacks and if they happen to failed they will do a great trade of direction hurting withing your company. The fusss could be from clip maintaining with your employees to payroll jobs withing the company

Respectfully petition you consider my proposal as it clearly meets the standards for set uping a long and comfortable operation for your company. Again. thank you for the chance to supply a proposal for your concern. If you have any inquiries. I’d be happy to run into you and discourse this proposal.

Pedro O. Beltran
JOC Watch Officer/Intel Analyst


Reiner Jr. R. K. . & A ; Cegielski. C. G. ( 2011 ) . Introduction to Information Systems ( 3rd ed. ) . Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database


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