Dramatists have assorted conventions at their disposal to place the audience to react to the subjects and issues that are presented. Nick Enright’s drama Blackrock depicts the lives of adolescents in a community. Enright uses assorted techniques such as word picture. duologue. the secret plan and the scene to arouse a response to the issues. This includes the issue of youth civilization. force against adult females. maleness and dual criterions. Blackrock places the audience to see how the youth civilization in society has become a major societal issue.

Through the secret plan we learn how adolescents are able to buy intoxicant and host parties which are unsupervised by grownups. In scene six. Toby is able to buy. “a supermarket streetcar stacked with beer. ” for his party. From sing this scene we learn that it is socially accepted in society to buy and provide intoxicant at a party. Enright places the audience to oppugn how adolescents are easy able to achieve intoxicant and why no grownups intervened to halt the party. We are besides positioned to foretell an approaching struggle as In many instances alcohol can take to other issues such force.

A major issue in the drama is that of force against adult females. Through Enright’s usage of word picture and duologue. we discover that it is a outstanding issue throughout the drama as it appear in legion scenes. In scene 14 we discover that Tracy Warner had been murdered after being sexually assaulted by three work forces. While subsequently on in scene 21. Ricko threatens Tiffany with force. “You looking for a slap in the oral cavity?

“ These scenes elicit a response from the audience to once more oppugn why work forces would fall back to endangering adult females. allow alone assail them. They are besides encouraged to see force against adult females as hapless because characters such as Ricko are weak. The subject of maleness is outstanding throughout the drama. Physical strength and other male attitudes are revealed The audience are positioned to react to the subject through Enright’s usage of play conventions such as the scene and word picture. The scene in scene 19 is in a local secondary school where two males are packaging. Boxing is stereotyped as being a masculine athletics as work forces fight to turn out who is stronger and more powerful. As the audience we are positioned to see how males feel the demand to be masculine to affect their friends by being stronger.

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The subject of dual criterions once more appears throughout the drama. Womans in legion scenes are treated otherwise and marginalised to males merely because of their gender. Enright’s usage of duologue and word picture places the audience to see how adult females received different intervention to work forces. In scene five Cherie is unable to go to the party because she would be unable to support herself as she is a adult female. As the audience we are positioned to experience sympathetic towards her. Another illustration of dual criterions is in scene 16. “Jared can take attention of himself.

Cherie’s got to larn the manner the universe works. ” Here we are positioned to see how adult females are seen as weak and delicate and that merely work forces can look after themselves. Dramatists are able to utilize many play conventions which can be used to postion the audience to react to thoughts. subjects and issues. Blackrock by Nick Enright represents the issue of force against adult females. the youth civilization in society. maleness and dual criterions. Enright’s usage of play conventions such as word picture. duologue and the scene is effectual in positioning the audience to react to these issues in scenes throughout the drama.


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