Sickle patients can quire frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives. In addition, more than 1. 6 million people were diagnosed with cancer last year. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment (nil. NIH. Gob) D. Thesis/Preview: That being said, I firmly believe that more people should donate blood. II. Body A. Blood Functions/Type: The heart pumps blood through a network of arteries and veins throughout the body. Blood has many vital jobs. It carries oxygen and other nutrients to organs and tissues. Having a healthy supply of blood is important to the overall health.

Blood is made up of various parts, including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Blood is transfused either as whole blood (with all its parts) or, more often, as individual parts. The blood types are A B, ABA, or O. Also, every person’s blood is either Re-positive or Re-negative. Type O blood is safe for almost everyone. About 40 percent of the population has type O blood. People who have this blood type are called universal donors. Type O blood is used for emergencies when there’s no time to test a person’s blood type. People who have type ABA blood are called universal recipients.

This means they can get any type of load (nil. NIH. Gob). B. Blood Donation: It is a voluntary procedure. Someone agrees to have blood drawn so that it can be given to someone who needs a blood transfusion. Millions Of people need blood transfusions each year. Some may need blood during surgery. Others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. Blood donation makes all of this possible (National Library of Medicine) C. Blood Donation Process Donating blood is a safe process. A sterile needle is used only once for each donor and then discarded. Blood donation is a simple four-step process:

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Registration You will complete donor registration, which includes information such as your name, address, phone number, and donor identification number if the person has one. You will be asked to show a donor card, driver’s license or two other forms of ID. Mini Physical You will have your temperature, hemoglobin, blood pressure and pulse checked. Some questions about your health history will also be asked, and they are kept confidential. Donation They will cleanse an area on your arm and insert a brand-new, sterile needle for the blood draw. This will be felt like a quick pinch lasting just seconds.

You ill have some time to relax while the bag is filling and it takes 8-10 minutes. Refreshments You will spend a few minutes enjoying refreshments to allow your body time to adjust to the slight decrease in fluid volume. When the donation is complete a staff person will place a bandage on your arm. After 10-15 minutes you can then leave the donation center and continue with your normal daily activities (Roadblocks. Org. ,201 3). D. Requirements/ Where to The Person who is willing to donate must be healthy, be at least 17 years old in most states, or 16 with parental consent if allowed by state law, weigh at east 1 10 lbs.

Additional weight requirements apply for donors 18 years old and younger and all high school donors More information can be also found at Roadblocks. Org which includes nearby donation centers where an appointment is needed, but most Of them allow walk-ins. C. Why donate blood? There is no special reason to donate except your own reasons. Some people give blood because they were asked by a friend. Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day. Some believe it is the right thing to do. Whatever the reason is, the need is constant and any contribution s important for a healthy and reliable blood supply. Cared, 2013). Personally, I think that anybody who donates blood will feel great knowing that they helped changed a life which could inspire others to do the same. I have also promised myself to donate some of my blood before Christmas, and I am sure that it will be an amazing experience since have never done it before, and this research has motivated me to do it. 3. CONCLUSION Final Review. The need of blood donation is extremely important across the country because every two seconds someone in the U. S. Needs blood and more than 41 ,OHO blood donations are needed every day.


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