Blood is thicker than water. This statement is normally talked about in a positive connotation. It has a meaning behind it showing that family always sticks together, if not anybody most can always count on their family. When it comes to me and my immediate family, this is the way I would use this statement. But I have recently learned that this statement can be used negatively as well. Someone or something that you think you know so well can quickly become a façade or fantasy. Unfortunately, someone’s own blood, which is not the best thing for that person, changes someone you once thought you knew. A young girl who I know has a mother who has been adulterer for some time now. This is a woman who has had countless affairs, while also being married with three children. All the while this young girl and I were best friends, practically family, for almost nine years while all of these antics were occurring. My family, mother and father, grew tired of putting up with this double life that we all were now drowned into, guilty by association. My parents began to pull away from the situation, but the young girl and I remained good friends. Hard times take a toll on a person, and the young girl began to change due to her mother’s antics. I tried to help and endure as much as one person can. But when it started to affect the way she treated me, the one person who had not burned her, was when I began to pull away.

Feeling as any normal person would when one person is not present any more, the young girl’s mother began to miss my mother and the confidant she was. As my mother naturally denied her requests of friendship, this angered the young girl’s mother. She could not comprehend what my mother thought was so immoral about her lifestyle. The young girl’s mother’s life was not the norm, but sought out to make it allude to that fact, in turn making up stories of my father to make him sound equivalent the amount of scum she was. I, at a loss for words, was forced to turn to the young girl for some sanity. They had nothing for my family, no evidence of any kind, no moral reality, not even a sympathetic heart, let alone SANITY. The young girl’s blood was now thicker than water. Someone that I once knew like the back of hand, was now completely transformed by her own blood, into someone that I would never recognize.


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