This study is made on the aim of put to deathing a strategic analysis and rating of Blue Duck Shearling in order to be able to reply the undermentioned job statement:

“How could Blue Duck increase their consumer based trade name equity ( CBBE ) by bettering their societal media visual aspect? ”

In order to reply the inquiry an appraisal of Blue Duck’s selling scheme and execution of the scheme was carried through. It focused on the Blue Duck’s societal media marketing scheme and it led to giving suggestions how to better their current attack with the purpose of bettering Blue Duck’s consumer based trade name equity.

In order to happen out the industry taking tendencies in Social Media Marketing there were examined studies and statistics about the taking inclinations and developments in societal media selling.

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Blue Duck is a premium high-end shearling outerwear maker. They design. industry and administer high quality shearling and fur-trimmed and fur-lined coats in add-on accoutrements for work forces and adult females. All the coats are produced in their New York based salesroom in the manner territory.

The analysis of the company’s current state of affairs was carried through scrutiny of Blue Duck’s positioning scheme. It included organizing a perceptual map about Blue Duck and its rivals as good analysing the competitors’ online visual aspects. The rating showed that the chief advantage of Blue Duck is to transport on bettering and implementing their societal media scheme. as the rivals seems to miss in footings of societal media selling.

Equally good there was carried out a comparing by analysing the points of para and points of difference refering the rivals. The scrutiny showed that compared with the chief rivals Blue Duck lacks trendiness. Nevertheless Blue Duck seemed to hold the strongest societal media marketing scheme that they could profit from.

In add-on. to analyse the company’s strengths and failings. larn the growing possibilities and external menaces there was carried out a SWOT analysis. It revealed that the chief assets of the company are the quality and long experience in the shearling industry ; still their failing is the limited distribution channels. As they are strongly dependent on the conditions. the planetary heating and clime alteration might impact their concern as an external menace for the company.

In order to measure Blue Duck’s current selling scheme there is examined the Integrated Marketing Communication patterns carried out by the company. Equally good there is analyzed the company’s current societal media marketing scheme in peculiar. Harmonizing to the findings Blue Duck concentrates on online selling and in add-on to that they do a spot of print advertizement. Recently Blue Duck has been concentrating on the societal media selling. as it is one of the fastest developing signifiers of selling.

The chief focal point of Blue Duck’s societal media activities is to increase trade name consciousness and the end is to construct on-line audience and a strong online community. Therefore far they have easy been traveling towards their end and aims. Still they could profit from some accommodations in their scheme to acquire faster consequences.

To measure the current client based trade name equity there were carried out interviews with 3 people from the mark group. Based on the replies there was formed a CBBE pyramid. It appeared that the overall client perceptual experience lucifers brand’s ain placement statement. though 2 out of 3 interviewees noted that Blue Duck lacks trendiness.

The recommendations for the hereafter to Blue Duck would be to maintain on developing their societal media scheme and doing accommodations to it harmonizing to the demands. Still as the trade name image is inclined to be outdated and old fashioned they should see bettering their design aesthetics and bring forthing trendier designs as good. Fruthermore Blue Duck should pay more attending to Pinterest as it is a turning platform. In add-on Blue Duck should see infixing a merchandise reviewing and evaluation to tool to their web site as it might appeal for their mark group. Following these suggestions Blue Duck will increase their client based trade name equity and will win in constructing a stronger on-line community.


The purpose of this study is to analyze an American shearling outerwear maker Blue Duck’s on-line visual aspect and give suggestions for their societal media marketing scheme.

Blue Duck is a little company that serves the demands of United States shearling market. It is one of the chief makers of luxury shearling in the US. As their nucleus merchandise is shearling outerwear the active concern season for them is from October till March the undermentioned twelvemonth. During the summer season they chiefly deal with the merchandise development and design of the following season’s aggregation.

As the winter of 2011 and 2012 was instead warm. the concern suffered and the gross revenues volume declined. In the summer of 2012 Blue Duck decided to develop a new selling program and they hired branding bureau Art Zulu to assist constructing a societal media marketing scheme. The chief purpose of the new attack was to increase trade name consciousness and construct a strong online community.

This study will be measuring and analysing the execution of the scheme and in the terminal gives suggestions harmonizing to the findings.

Problem Statement

To measure the possibilities of increased trade name consciousness following job was formulated:

How could Blue Duck increase their client based trade name equity ( CBBE ) by bettering their societal media visual aspect?

To analyse the societal media marketing tendencies in manner industry the undermentioned sub-question was formed.

1. What are the taking societal media tendencies in the USA manner industry?

Second to measure the company’s current state of affairs and their strongest assets to trust on while constructing the societal media presence following sub-question came up:

2. What are the cardinal assets of the Blue Duck’s present client based trade name equity that the company should trust on while constructing societal media presence?

In add-on to suggest the scheme and execution for Blue Duck following sub-question was formed:

3. What scheme should Blue Duck usage in order to construct a strong online presence?

Finally. to happen out which societal media platforms and engineerings to utilize in order to implement the scheme the undermentioned sub-question was formed:

4. What engineerings and societal media platforms should Blue Duck usage in order to aim their possible clients?

Boundary line

This study will analyse the societal media marketing tendencies and the possibilities for Blue Duck to better their client based trade name equity on their current mark market. Equally good the study will be concentrating on how Blue Duck could spread out their mark group and entreaty to a younger market section and give suggestions based on the research and analysis of the company’s
current trade name equity.

Due to miss of consumer primary consumer informations the CBBE matrix will non be every bit nonsubjective as it could be.

Geographic Area
As Blue Duck operates locally the study will be based on the United States market. with a particular focal point on New York country.

Time Frame
The study will be based on the on traveling fiscal twelvemonth of 2012 as Blue Duck is traveling through development of new stigmatization and selling schemes.

The study will non be concentrating on selling budget and the fiscal state of affairs of the company.


This study will be based on primary and secondary research method. The primary informations will be based on the information acquired straight from Blue Duck.

To happen out the latest societal media marketing tendencies the study will be analysing several selling industry studies about the current inclinations.

To analyse Blue Duck’s current state of affairs and schemes and happen the possibilities for betterments there will be used different stigmatization and selling analysing methods such as CBBE matrix. PoDs/PoPs. SWOT and perceptual function.

To measure Blue Duck’s client based trade name equity there will be interviewed 2-3 topics from the company’s mark group in order to acquire a small overview of the consumers’ position refering Blue Duck. Due to the few testees interviewed the consequences and consumer perceptual experience of the trade name is
instead subjective. still it gives a small feeling about the trade name equity.

In the terminal based on the findings of the survey the study will give suggestions and recommendations about Blue Duck’s societal media scheme by following Bernoff’s four-step societal scheme called the POST method. It will get down with reasoning the targeted PEOPLE’s societal activities. Then it will measure the OBJECTIVES to make up one’s mind what Blue Duck wants to carry through. That will follow to the STRATEGY – the planning of how the relationship with the client will alter. To sum up the study will come up with the TECHNOLOGIES that Blue Duck should utilize in order to implement its scheme. ( Bernoff & A ; Li. 2008 )

Social Media Trends

Today companies are confronted with the raising influence of new communicating channels. It is wholly transforming the selling field. as it has existed for 100 old ages now. The traditional ways of selling are progressively influenced and integrated with societal media. Nevertheless mainstream medias will still be critical. but will be strongly influenced by the fledglings. ( Gillin 2008 )

Top Social Media Marketers note that Social Media Marketing is vanishing in the agencies of a separate media. That implies that Social Media Marketing is going one of the selling tools and it will non be a separate activity. but an built-in portion of selling. ( Dreamgrow 2012 )

In the last decennary and in peculiar the last 4 old ages at that place has been extremist alterations how people consume and search for information. A portion from acquiring the information from the direct beginning such as traditional establishments like corporations. people have started utilizing engineerings to acquire things they need from each other ( Bernoff & A ; Li 2008 ) . It is called the Groundswell. This tendency can be really good for the companies. if they set their schemes right. or it can be great menace for a company’s image if the Groundswell motion is disregarded.

Following will indicate out the chief tendencies that will impact Blue Duck and the manner industry in general in the United States.

Rise of Social Media Marketing
In a study of 700 sellers. Wildfire App discovered that about all sellers find value in Social Media Marketing and over 75 % of them were be aftering to increase their Social Media Marketing budget. The chief benefits noted by the sellers were the increased trade name consciousness and direct interaction with the clients. Furthermore Social Media Marketing attempts seemed to increase gross revenues and cut down selling disbursement.

More concerns are puting in Social Media. Harmonizing to Borrell Associates. small- and moderate-sized concerns in USA doubled their societal media publicizing budgets in 2012. State of Social Media Marketing survey by Awareness Networks found that 70 % of concerns planned to spread out their nowadayss on societal media platforms. ( Mershon. 2012 )

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
For the past ten old ages companies have been directing their clients to their web sites for back uping information alternatively of holding them name to the expensive support line. As one portion of the groundswell. companies can profit from utilizing their Social Media platforms for offering client support. By making that they build trueness and might cut costs on client support activities such as support calls. Today clients are able to reach the company in existent clip through societal media webs. When a individual can easy interact with the company on Facebook for illustration. it increases trust. Peoples can trust on the company. Furthermore clients get aid from each other every bit good by noticing each other’s stations and pass oning online. This will salvage a batch on company’s client support disbursals if the clients are able to assist themselves. On top it will ease the communicating for the clients. ( Bernoff & A ; Li. 2008 )

Social Gross saless
As users have entree to limitless sums of information online. consumers
place trust as a cardinal factor for happening valuable solutions. Consumers will non even enter the purchase funnel if certain trust elements are non triggered ( About. com. 2012 ) . Peoples are used to acquiring recommendations from their friends and household. but now societal media integrating will let clients to acquire existent user reappraisals and evaluations about merchandises straight on the merchandise pages. Peoples will be more bucked up to buy a merchandise if it has positive reappraisals from clients who already purchased it. At the same clip trade names have to be careful and do the reviewing procedure every bit transparent as possible by uncovering negative reappraisals every bit good to do it trusty. In that manner people get the most nonsubjective overviews. A survey has shown that reviews seem to construct more trust than “likes” . 50 % of the consumer say that a trade name holding a batch of good reappraisals and a few negative 1s adds trust. at the same clip merely 26 % of consumers find that holding a batch of “likes” adds trust. Consumers seem to acquire confused about the beginning of “likes” so they prefer reappraisals from people who have already purchased the merchandise ( About. com. 2012 ) .

Social Media ROI
While there has been a batch of contention about Social Media ROI and if it could be measured. sellers seem to get down measuring the importance of mensurating the result of their societal media attempts. However less than half of the concerns measure their consequences. Lack of monitoring might take to waste of investing as companies are increasing their disbursement on societal media. This once more will be indicated by the hapless ROI. By supervising the consequences it makes it easier to set the scheme and alteration over to more efficient ways of societal media selling.

Pinterest as an Ecommerce Site
Recently the new Internet bookmarking site Pinterest has exploded. Based on industry studies. Pinterest is going the most important driver of societal traffic to eCommerce sites. even surpassing the more mature societal media giants as Twitter and Facebook. Recently many on-line retail merchants are incorporating Pinterest to their merchandise pages. In that manner the consumer is able to trap the things they like on their inspirational boards. Amazon has added pin button to every merchandise. The grounds that Pinterest is
skyrocketing is clear sing the studies. In Q2 in 2012. referral traffic from Pinterest rose 2. 535 percent twelvemonth over twelvemonth while at the same clip referral traffic from Facebook is up 2. 7 per centum. On top of everything the traffic driven on Pinterest is free. Companies ought to pay a batch of attending on Pinterest as it can be a great traffic driver besides email runs and hunt engines. ( Duryee. 2012 )

Tabletizing and Mobilizing Web sites
In connexion with the new engineerings and portable devices companies have to get down conforming their on-line nowadays. More than half societal networking sites’ use will be on nomadic devices. As more people use smartphones and tablets. the companies have to accommodate their web sites for nomadic usage. Peoples are acquiring used to sharing content on the spell. no affair where they are.

Trade names as Entertainers
As companies move on to Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter they have to larn how to prosecute and entertain their client that they will non free involvement in the trade name page. On societal media webs trade names have to be cognizant that the stigmatization and selling messages displayed on the page will non acquire raging and people will non comprehend them as Spam. As instance surveies have shown the most successful societal trade names have a elusive stigmatization and selling attack. They offer their audience mundane amusement and intelligence. while on occasion interposing trade name messages to maintain the trade name on top of the head. Every message that a trade name stations on their Facebook does non hold to be related to the trade name. This leads to the following societal media tendency.

Online News Will Become More Social
It has been forecasted that in the close hereafter applications integrated with societal media will bit by bit replace on-line intelligence web sites. Peoples will acquire their day-to-day intelligence straight on their Facebook intelligence provender for illustration. As good the people who are reading/sharing/tweeting the intelligence will make up one’s mind which intelligence are the most popular and there wise the trending narratives appear on their friends newsfeed. It is the consumer who decides what will be read.

News Brought to Us by Ourselves
For illustration on many news-broadcast channels the audience can talk up through Twitter and interact with the unrecorded intelligence show. Furthermore during unrecorded arguments there is the possibility for the audience to vote and show their support through Twitter. In some instances of unrecorded Television the audience is the chief influencer of the class of the show.

Chirrup has become kind of a unrecorded broadcast channel itself. During the Spring-Summer 2013 manner hebdomads in the manner capitals in September the tweets and images from people at the shows gave a good overview of what was traveling on for their followings. Peoples are acquiring more involved in being distributers of information and intelligence. It is non merely the duty of the imperativeness to be the premier distributers of information any more – it is the consumer.

Refering the latest tendencies mentioned above Blue Duck has to take a batch into consideration while constructing their online presence. Blue Duck must be certain that their societal media profiles interact with the consumer and that the conversation taking topographic point there is non unreciprocated. Furthermore in connexion with new engineerings and platforms Blue Duck has to bespeak the 1s that their mark group is the most involved in and take them into focal point while developing a societal media scheme. For illustration Pinterest is a great bookmarking tool for adult females refering place and lifestyle topics. It is appealing for them to take inspiration from other people all over the universe and do pin-boards with great thoughts and merchandises. Finally Blue Duck has to do certain that their societal media pages are entertaining and supply interesting content for their clients. so that they will non free involvement in the trade name and maintain it on top of their head.


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