The key Idea In blue remembered hills was the change between the childish behavior and their immoral choices to their views changing to become much more matured and making better life choices for them and others around them. The relationships in the play are very varied as there is a large power struggle between many characters; this made It very hard to see the true friendships and the false In the first lesson we were asked to create a proteomics atom exploring the ones. Legislations and then applying these relationships to key scene using still image and role play. I thought this would be a rather challenging task as it was hard to work out characters true feelings towards each other because of the large power struggles which would lead to arguments or in worse cases physical fights.

The general ideas across the group were very similar it was that some characters were pushed out of relationships because of power struggles and the pace speeded up with some characters because they got in In arguments or physical fights and then they stared each other to show the tension In the situation then the other characters circling them because they were waiting to be on the side of the winners because most nouns children are always wanting to be on the side of power and dominance.

One main element used was Pace, Rhythm and tempo this was used to deepen the piece to show the difference between power an status of the characters. One of my Key ideas was to use a lack of breath/exhaustion to show how people could not keep up with the power struggles and how it was tiring them. Another key idea from Luke Y in my group was to eye contact to show the tension and hate between two characters and how the tension was slowly being heightened. Characters with power were created by leading with their chest or nose and always being adored by characters tit lower status and less power.

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They also never had their head down to show how proud they were of themselves and how they took pride in how they were perceived by others. From doing the work I learned what my characters objectives were In the scene and what he wanted to get out of the situation. This was that I wanted the power; I wanted to be seen as the alpha male of the group of the young children and to be able to be seen as dominant and intimidating character. The audience said we showed a well fought power struggle and that It was clear to them what we were trying to put across as a dramatic piece.

However they were not clear on why we were as exhausted as characters this obviously was not as clear. Other groups used Exploitative strategies, Medium’s & Elements to a successful outcome; for example Emily It’s group used Climax and anti-climax successfully because It gave a great effect on the audience. They kept us glued to our seats throughout the whole piece, which meant we focused completely on them and made us realism all the good things in their piece and they overshadowed the bad parts that may have occurred. In our next task we had to focus on was a scene with Donald, Angela and Audrey.

These harassers had a lower, less known status but had Angela had power over some of the higher power characters due to her bossy nature and Feminine ways of approaching things. It made us think about how we could show this power switch linked with the proteomics atoms because again we had to show relationships like we did in the atom. We again had to show power in group because Angela thought she was far superior to her peers around her. Another link is that we had to again show a theme of tension because the two girls were fighting for the power and attention of higher power characters and the opposite sex.

In our 5th lesson we had Scene ass’s stage directions as our stimulus this is when Donald is lighting a match in the barn because he enjoys the prospect of fire because he is pyromaniac. One initial idea from Texan in the class was that people were saying Dona’s thoughts and suppressed memories around Donald like a sandpaper and you had Donald in the middle that was being stressed out by the Memories and number of voices which then pushed him to burn the hay which in turn killed him. People wanted to show this with such things as an essence machine and a sandpaper which when using a sandpaper can cause a climax and anti-climax.

Our group wanted to use an essence machine and sandpaper because we liked the idea of the memories being suppressed in the brain and that we were parts of the brain talking in his head but still working like cogs. The sandpaper helped build tension and reach a climax. But we also had a split personality of Donald so we had two people play him; One person was being deteriorated by the voices and slowly breaking him down inside but then we had one person who still represented Donald but who was far more mentally strong and could with stand the barrage of mental onslaught from the outer characters who were around him.

We used the use of physical theatre by having Adam and Alexia lighting a match to mark the moment at the start. I had the idea to use the spilt personality of the character this was shown by how the memories and voices affected the two personalities. The best idea came from Alexia however because she was the one who thought of Mixing the essence machine and the sandpaper to make the brain of the character Donald. We showed this by having us all link well but doing different motions but always saying the same words for the affect that the brain was having on the characters will.

As there was only one hereafter we really wanted to show the isolation of Donald and his characters personality. We made him seem very awkward, lack of eye contact with the audience and fidgety. We used lighting to put Donald in the spotlight; we did this because we wanted the audience to focus on him as a character. I learnt more about Donald as a character and how mentally destroyed he is as a character. But I only see this side of him because he gets a lack of attention from others when he wants it or even needs it because he gets lack of attention he tries to get it by others means like playing with fire or being aggressive.

The audience found the idea of the split personality clever but I could of been adapted further but they really liked the idea of the essence machine and the sandpaper being mixed as it made them feel like they were in his thoughts. However one bad point was that it could have been staged better because it seemed awkward how we had staged it. The other group had very similar ideas; for example the memories of past scenes but they did this with a split screen. They froze one part of the scene and showed the memory in another unfrozen part. They did not use a sandpaper to build tension or a climax.


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