She makes it very clear of the living conditions and also he setting embodying the area. Morrison uses imagery very effectively throughout this chapter, one very important scene is when the furniture is being described. “there is nothing more to say about the furnishings. They were anything but describable… ” . It’s almost as if the reader can paint a portrait of this exact scene, Morrison is extremely successful in being able to imprint this image in the reader’s head. Another reason why this scene is so important is that in a way it sets the tone for the rest of the chapter.

After his scene happens the reader already has this image in their head on how the Overdose’s live each and everyday. Morrison also used metaphors in this chapter to further depict the home. Shortly after capturing the reader’s interest with the introductory anecdote, Morrison uses metaphors throughout the chapter in order to fully depict the home in a manner where it would be understood in a more literary way. Although metaphors are used quite often through the chapter there I one important metaphor that sticks out to the reader. Like a sore tooth that is tot content to throb in isolation, but must diffuse its own pain to other parts of the body. This short exert from the chapter directly shows how the way the Overdose’s were living were also affecting their well-being. The fact that the sofa was so cheap and they couldn’t afford a new one that it was causing health problems for them proved how Morning’s metaphorical use was able to unravel a whole point of view of the family. Narrative is also used effectively in the Overlooked chapter.

The narrative in this chapter is especially powerful in grabbing and engaging he reader into the story. Morrison uses Narrative the most effectively in the intros actors which established the setting of the Overlooked home and allowed the reader to create an image of the setting. “There is an abandoned store on the southeast corner of Broadway and thirty-fifth in Loraine, Ohio… ” This piece of narrative established the scenery of this cheaper. Morrison makes it clear that this is being told from an outsider’s point of view. This is why the use Of narrative in this chapter was so effective.

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Also when the orator says “At one time, when the building housed a pizza parlor’ After reading this the reader is able to envision their home before the Overdose’s moved in. Morrison gives the reader great insight on the life of the Overdose’s in this chapter. More important then the functions and techniques used its how Morrison uses them and makes them fit in cahoots with each other. Morrison used many examples of these literary elements. A lot of them being spread out through the chapter but it wasn’t difficult to find them because of how blatant he made them to the reader’s eye.

In the overlooked home chapter the reader gets a small taste of what the family had to go through and the very harsh living conditions that most wouldn’t dare putting up with. The use of imagery gave the reader a way to envision the scenes, the use of metaphors gave the reader better leeway into intricately understanding the Overdose’s situation and finally the use of narrative acted as a voice for the chapter slowly unraveling scenes and giving it a very unique and effective tone.

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