In addition, Pectoral endured mental and sexual abuse which damaged her mental capacity completely. Pectoral Overlooked is a young girl growing up black and poor in the early sass. She is repeatedly called “ugly” by nearly everyone in her life, from the cruel children at school to her own mother. Her rough family life, which consisted of her parents constantly fighting both verbally and physically, influenced her poor self-esteem. Due to relentless bullying and constant criticism she received at school, Pectoral was lead to seek escape from her misery by fantasizing about becoming beautiful. Long hours she sat looking in the mirror, trying to discover the secret of the ugliness that made her ignored or despised at school, by teachers and classmate alike. She was the only member of her class who sat alone at a double desk. ” (p. 45). Piccolo’s definition of beauty was being white with blue eyes. Pectoral began to believe that if she could just achieve physical beauty, her life would automatically improve. Pectoral also thinks that if she were prettier, her parents would not fight so much.

This false belief turns out to be extremely destructive to Piccolo’s self-esteem, consuming her whole life and eventually, her sanity. Pectoral is a fragile and delicate child that has been almost completely destroyed by violence. Pectoral often looked at herself in the mirror, gazing at her ugliness. She settled on her eyes as her ugliest feature and wished to have blue eyes. “It had occurred to Pectoral some time ago that if her eyes, these eyes that held the pictures, and knew the sights -if those eyes of hers ere different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different. (p. 46). Piccolo’s poor perception of self, forced her further into a fantasy world which was her only defense against the pain of her existence. She believes that being granted the blue eyes that she wishes for would change both how others see her and what she is forced to see. Due to Piccolo’s low self-esteem, she was consumed in desperate search for love in any form. Pectoral is constantly victimized and humiliated throughout the novel. For example, when we first meet her she is homeless.

Moreover, he is burned with piping hot blueberry juice all over legs; and the character “Junior” throws his cat in her face and kills it in front of her then blames the cat’s death on poor Pectoral. All of these events build toward the ultimate factorization when Coolly Overlooked, her own father, rapes her more than once. As one can clearly see, Peacock had a very harsh upbringing. She did not have any positive adult influences in her life. For example, her father was a drunkard, and was extremely violent towards her mother in her presence. Also, as stated previously, Pectoral was raped by her father.

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Additionally, Piccolo’s mother treated her like she was non-existent. Furthermore, Piccolo’s only friends were three prostitutes who lived on the second floor of her family’s building. They were kind to her, spoke to her respectfully, gave her clothes and candy, and told her amusing exciting stories. Her only influences were not positive role models. By the end of the novel, Pectoral has completely lost touch with reality as she is violated by the character “Saphead Church”. Saphead was the town’s guest preacher who was respected and trusted by the adults and children.

Pectoral had entrusted Saphead with her bluest eye wishes and she was violated. Unable to process and accept the fact that she has been raped by her father, and Saphead she becomes convinced that everyone in town is looking at her strangely because she received her wish Of blue eyes. She delusively believes that her wish has been granted, but only at the cost of her sanity. Pectoral acquires an imaginary friend whom she talks to almost exclusively about her eyes. Instead, some may think of Piccolo’s imaginary friend as the only way she can cope with her reality.

Since no one in her life ever showed her love or affection, Piccolo’s young mind at the end of the novel does the only thing it can do: it creates an imaginary friend to love her. Piccolo’s fate is worse than death because she is not allowed any release from her insane world In conclusion, the novel “The Bluest Eye” clearly depicts Pectoral as a young girl who was despised and victimized by many including her family and friends. The effects of the abuse resulted in Pectoral losing her identity and fundamentally her sanity.

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