Bob Marbles Influence – Beyond the Music – a Legacy in Song Writing 3 Across the globe, Bob Marled is a universally recognized icon. His image transcends just music and he is a cultural hero to many. To most, Marble’s influence suggests easy living, good times ahead, and love and appreciation for life’s pleasures. Marled, like stars such as Elvis and Michael Jackson, continue to grow in influence and popularity, years after their untimely deaths. Song writing was his most powerful tool. Born in Jamaica, Marled was a child of an absentee white father and his family struggled with poverty.

In the famed impoverished Truncheon neighborhood of Kingston, Marled found his love of music streaming from Jukeboxes. American Midtown artists and Elvis was his early musical influences. Marble’s early success included childhood friends Bunny Livingston and Peter Toss. Later he signed with prominent record label island records and gained US recognition with hit songs I Shot the Sheriff, Redemption Song, Three Little Birds, Exodus, and Don’t Worry. His US and I-J exposure increased by touring with Bruce Springtime in the mid seventies.

Through the ass, his namesake, image and reggae music gained in prominence until his untimely death in 1981. Part of the Marled mystique is certainly due to the restrained lifestyle and its use marijuana. Restrained movement began in Jamaica in the asses and is a pseudo Christian belief that Hailed Assails, former Ethiopians leader ,was the second coming 4 of Jesus Christ. The followers also believed in the spiritual use of marijuana. Marble’s image certainly is a direct connection with marijuana use and some may argue brought marijuana use to a more acceptable level.

Prior to the ass, marijuana use was seen as anti mainstream and a dangerous habit of drug afflicted folks on the fringe of society. Overtime, popular images of happy Rasa reggae musicians using pot and under its influence changed the image and stigma associated with the drug. Stereo typically, people think of Marled as the happy stoned black musician and his music evoking feelings of wellness and peace. The music of reggae gives a very soulful and religious feel to it’s listeners. Bob Marled was the one to introduce a spark into the reggae music industry.

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Through his songwriting, he wanted to emphasize the idea of how he struggled in his early days and connect it with his listeners. Marled ultimately portrayed that as long as you have peace, love happiness and music you will have the strength to overcome life’s struggles. Marled has become a hero to many teenagers seeing Marled as a cool pot user and justification that marijuana use is an acceptable part of life. Beyond the folk hero status, his image is used on merchandise extensively. Beside the typical t shirts and trinkets, his image has recently been used in a successful herbal beverages, Marbles Mellow Mood drinks.

The successful Marble’s Island Grill restaurants across the south 5 is another example of where Bob Marbles legacy is very evident in mainstream America and connected to wellness and good vibrations. Bob Marled have was selected to be a part of the 2010 inductees into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. (Roomer 2014) Bob Marled wrote and hundreds of songs. He’s best- known for his political and protest songs. Many focused on the end of slavery, the life of poverty, and exploitation of all of those who suffer. People around the world connected with his uplifting message.

The message still resonates today with millions of copies of his recording sold around the world. (Kruger 2013) In October 2013, on the 33rd anniversary of his last recording session with the Wailers, Bob Marled once again was topping the Billboard charts. “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So now we see the light! We goanna stand up for our rights! (Marled 1973) Lyrics such as this are an example of Marbles message to the world and his listeners. It inspired many to question authority and seek social Justice.


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