Boeing Case Study: Questions 1. The market structure for the Dreamliner could be said to somewhat fall under the Oligopoly structure which is a market dominated by a small number of firms that together control the majority of the market share. Or a under the monopoly structure because it is the only firm that produced the Dreamliner of its kind that was unique in its own way. And there is no replica of it. The demand of the Dreamliner from its customers proved to be off the roof and attracted a lot of interest to them.

This would cause implications such as a stronger relationship between Boeing and its customers. 2. The major types of buying situations in this case are Straight rebuy and Modified rebuy. Within the straight rebuy situation the company used the “out” route where the suppliers being Boeing try to offer something new or exploit dissatisfaction so that the buyer will consider them. In this case the something new and innovative is the Dreamliner 787. On the other hand the Modified rebuy situation took place in this case.

Modified rebuy is when the buyer wants to modify the product specifications, prices, terms, or suppliers. The modified rebuy usually involves more decision participants than does the straight rebuy. The Dreamliner is basically a modified airbus regardless. It is appealing to majority of the customers interests. 3. Features of the Dreamliner: It is designed with weight saving design features thus making the 787 the world’s lightest and most fuel-efficient passenger jet .

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This feature appeals more to customers because they get to save when it comes to budget of fuel injected into their planes. The Dreamliner also has the feature of being flexible. It is designed for multiple configurations that carry between 210 and 330 passengers. It also has increased cargo capacity. It also includes advances that have a system that self-monitors the plane’s vital functions and reports maintenance requirements to ground based computer systems.

It also consist of an interior that is designed to reduce long-haul flying misery to passengers and it is also 60% quieter than other planes, has more legroom for passengers, lighting that automatically adjust to time zone shifts and higher cabin pressure and humidity, making the flying experience worthwhile and also more comfortable while reducing common flying symptoms like headaches, dry mouth and fatigue. This most definitely benefit the customer because they are able to satisfy their passengers because their passengers are their market. 4.


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