The Fish! Philosophy

No, the book Fish! written by the educator, film maker and motivational speaker Stephen Lundin will not teach you how to fish. Lundin wrote Fish! in a straightforward way which contains observations, stories and personal revelations that makes the readers engage with this magnificent parable. The book Fish! teaches how professionals that are involved in the business world can affect their environment and have fun while still working. It is common to work and have a totally different career than you were planning for your future. Fish! summarizes with only four principles what you need to do in order to be successful and become “world famous” (Lundin 78). Those four principles are: play, choose your attitude, make their day and be present. It was the first time that I have ever heard about the Fish Market in Seattle so I decided to search about it and see what Stephen Lundin meant by having “play” has one of his principles. After watching videos and documentaries about the Fish Market, it was impossible not to feel the positive energy that involves all the workers with their costumers. Laughter and amazed kids looking at the fishes flying over their heads shows the playful attitude of the fish workers. Then I could understand that “play” means to create a good and fun atmosphere between the workers and costumers. It also means to have fun while working because if you enjoy working you will conquer everyone that is around you. In the book, one of the fish workers said, “Who are you being when you are working? Are you being impatient and bored, or are you being world famous?”(Lundin 78).

Being world famous and choosing your attitude is the second principle that is given by Lundin. But what does it actually means to be world famous? First, it is essential to understand that every office seems to have a coworker that is never happy or that somehow brings everyone down. However if you are world famous you will not let that one person to bring you down. You know that you have the power to choose your attitude and be who you are. Not letting yourself be influenced by people with negativity who are always making excuses and complaining about their job is what it means to be world famous. Respect your teammates and costumers, treat others as you wish to be treated. Imagine yourself working in a company such as Apple, Macy’s or Starbucks where you have many coworkers that want to be noticed and promoted. To claim your space and be present is another task that you must do in order to be a worker that has a “fisher soul.” Be creative and invent different ways of selling your product that will draw the attention of people, and that will make you an unique seller. The fish workers from the Fish Market became known around the world because they came up with the different idea of throwing fishes in front of their booth, which helped them get people’s attention and sell more fish than their competitors.

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Take a chance and be creative, invent different ways of doing something and make them notice you. How many times have you chose to go to a restaurant where the waiters treated you well instead of going to one where they treated you as just another costumer? I have faced this scenario a couple of times and that is why the other principle of how to be a good worker is to “make their day” (Lundin 78). Being friendly and engaging the costumer is in my opinion the best principle citied by Lundin. When the worker starts to treat you as a friend instead of just another costumer, you feel important. The simple act of calling the customer by name or asking how their day was, can create a perfect atmosphere between you and the costumer. Another example of making the costumer’s day can be the simple act of remembering what the costumer’s favorite dessert or drink is, or if they normally get water or sparkling water. It does make my day whenever I go to one of my favorites restaurants in Brazil and the waiter brings my orange juice even though I did not ask for it. It means that he paid attention to me when I went there for the first time, I was not just another costumer. The combination between these four principles cited by Stephen Lundin in the book Fish! is not only helpful for a business worker but also for a college student that is getting ready for the future where responsibilities will be imposed. The principles can also be used for anyone that wants to become successful because if you follow all of them, you will definitely be surrounded by positivity.


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