This novel is about a girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide & before she died she recorded 13 audiotapes filled with reasons why she killed herself and they all had to do with a specific person, and she sent all the 13 tapes to the 13 people so they could listen. Justin was the first person on the tape, the boy she first kissed, he exaggerated what they did when they kissed, making her seem “easy” to other boys. 2nd Alex, a boy who said she had the hottest behind in the freshman class on his “hot or not list” making her seem more vulnerable to other boys. rd Jessica, one of Hannah’s first friends, She’s mad that Hannah is on the hot list & she’s on the “not” list. Jessica also believed the rumor that Justin started about Hannah during their first kiss even though Jessica knew Hannah didn’t do the things he said. 4th Tyler, a boy who stalked her, outside her own bedroom window. Taking pictures without her knowledge until she found out. 5th Courtney, a really nice girl, but she was only nice to Hannah to gain “tally’s” for being voted nicest for the senior yearbook ; get a ride to a party.

The 6th person was Marcus, a boy Hannah went on a date with and he came 30 mins late because he wasn’t going to come at all but he only came to try and have sex with her. 7th Zach Dempsey stole her compliments from her paper bag in peer communications class. 8th Ryan Shaver, He stole her poem and put it in the school newspaper and took credit for it. 9th Clay Jensen he didn’t have anything to do with her suicide she just wanted to tell him she wished she got to know him better. 0th Justin again because he let Bryce rape Jessica while she was drunk. 11th Jenny Kurtz a cheerleader who hit a stop sign while Hannah was in her car and drove off and that caused a car crash that killed someone. 12th Bryce Walker the boy who took advantage of Hannah just because he could. 13th Mr. Porter could’ve helped Hannah when she needed him but he didn’t. This was when she made the tapes and had someone send them to everyone on the list ; then she committed suicide.

One major character is Hannah Baker she was a very smart, nice ; strong girl, all she wanted was for someone to fight for her ; want her, because she felt unwanted like she didn’t belong. Those 13 people all contributed to her feelings inside that took over her and made her kill herself. At the beginning she gave people chances to make her feel wanted, to be her friend, she actually opened up to them. For example Justin, Jessica, ; Courtney but they all let her down in the end. She had one last hope Mr. Porter but he didn’t help her as much as he should have because he didn’t care.

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Then she finally gave up and killed herself. Another major character is Clay Jensen he listened to all the tapes even after he found out his reason for being on the tapes, he felt bad because he had a crush on her and she liked him too but he let her go because of the rumors that Justin had started around the school. Hannah knew he liked her because they kissed but she got emotional and kicked him out, and he left he didn’t fight for her but she forgave him and he still feels guilty.

If Clay didn’t let the rumors stand in his way of getting to know her maybe she wouldn’t have killed herself and felt that she had a reason to live. His whole outlook on life ; the people around him changed because of Hannah. Clay didn’t expect to hear any of the things he heard on that tape. Clay moves on and decided not to let fear ; regret take a hold on him and he met another girl like Hannah but this time he put his reputation ; fear aside and actually talked to her. One literary technique the author used was foreshadowing.

Hannah used hints in her tapes as to what was going to happen but never actually told it until the very end. Another literary technique the author used was Point Of View. The story was told from Hannah’s Point Of View through her tapes, but also through Clay Jensen’s conscious. I absolutely love this book it had me so emotionally attached to the point I cried, I felt like I was in the book. This was a great book that had me more ; more interested with every turn of a page.


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