Air Asia has cooperated with many hotels around Asia Country let traveller to do hotel booking on the Air Asia web site. There are many users of this system such as single traveller, corporate engagement, travel agent engagement or authorities engagement. This system makes traveler more convenience because they can straightaway to book for the hotel adjustment after they book a flight in the same systems.

Besides that, this systems besides provide users to do a comparing either in monetary value, hotel evaluation or installation provided with other hotel booking website Air Asia besides provide traveller to hunt for better salvaging hotel adjustment as Air Asia holding AirAsiaGo publicity such as mystery hotel and is last monetary value warrant.

Mystery hotel is means that traveller wage 3-star rates hotel for accommodate at 5-star hotel but with footings and status that is the hotel name will non be revealed but intimations will be provided, such as the location, installations found at the Mystery Hotel.

Lowest monetary value warrant is to vouch to clients that booking hotels with is decidedly inexpensive monetary value compared to elsewhere online. Air Asia can accomplish this by refund the monetary value difference to those clients that able to happen lower hotel rates on any other web site as compared to the engagement made at ( same clip period and same hotel engagement ) and is capable to footings & A ; conditions. Customers merely need to direct electronic mail to airasiagoguarantee @ to claim for the monetary value difference.

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Then, fill in the check-in and check-out day of the month, choice figure of suites that you want to book, choice figure of invitee ( grownup or kids ) and stated the currency for the payment intent.

After you have key in all this information, now you can snap the hunt and there will be process your demand.

Now, the systems will be shown out the all hotels that meet the customeraa‚¬a„?s demand.

Customers can screen this hotel name position in either monetary value or star evaluation.

So, clients are required to snap on the book now at the hotel slide that they choose.

Then, clients besides required to take the Room type Features.

Measure 3


After that, clients besides can add any extra activities to their itinerary such as airdrome transportation, our bundle and so on.

Then, clients need to corroborate their path and merely click continue to the following procedure.

Measure 4

Travelers Detail

Customers are required to make full in the contact information.

Measure 5


Customers can take for the payment method either recognition card or debit card and do the payment.

Measure 6


Once the payment is processed, the hotel adjustment path will be shown and direct to your electronic mail reference

Besides that, Air Asia besides has cooperated with travel agent to let travel agent to print their tour bundle on Air Asia web site. This system has good for those single that had book flight and hotel adjustment on the Air Asia web site to shop for the tour bundle available and book for their prefer circuit bundle. So, traveller no demands to happen other travel bureau to book for the travel bundle. Hence, this will cut down cost such as communicating to go bureau and clip to corroborate the engagement as this system can instant confirm on web site.

Following, Air Asia besides got provide finish usher to users for holiday intent. This is good to those who traveling to be after for holiday but no thought for the holiday topographic point, so they can seek for this systems on Air Asia web site. This system will demo all the interesting and celebrated topographic point for holiday around the Asia Country. For illustration, is Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland at Hong Kong, gold seashore at Australia and so on. This systems is easy to utilize, traveller merely necessitate to snap on finish usher under the travel info, so merely snap the finish topographic point that their wide area network T to cognize more. User besides can take for elaborate information on dining, rubber-necking, civilization, art & A ; theatre, nature & A ; eco, shopping of the state. This will assist travellers that plan for holiday to make up one’s mind and take their prefer holiday topographic point.

Air Asia besides provides a system that allows users to seek for the event calendar so that they can be after to travel to the event activity. This system besides rather easy for the user as it merely chinks on the event calendar under the travel info. This system is good to those travellers who want to travel for some of the particular event activity such as Macau Food Festival, Halloween Hong Kong Treats, Hong Kong Sinfonietta Accompanies Hong Kong Ballet in The Nutcracker, Christmas in the Tropics, Walkerhill Show ‘Legend of Flower ‘ and so on because travellers can look into for the clip this activity go on on Air Asia web site.

One of the services or maps that can be add to the current Air Asia website systems to supply sails booking for users. Future users of this system might include single, twosome, household or group engagement, corporate engagement, travel agent engagement or authorities engagement. Couple may wish to hold a honeymoon sail trip or holding a memorable sail nuptials. Besides that, sails is besides one of the pick for household, friends or company trip as at that place have a batch of activities runing from snorkelling and bicycling to sauna and spa interventions. This service would increase gross revenues to Air Asia because this sail bundle is in really high demand.

So, Air Asia should implement this service into the current system web site so that users can book for the sail bundle. The manner of booking this sail bundle system is about same as the hotel booking systems.

Besides that, this system besides can supply some subject for user to choose such as household sails, luxury sails, vacation sail, hebdomad terminal sail and so on. User can book this subject sail by chink on the Cruise them publicity. If user is more likely to take the finish and clip by themselves, they can seek by following stairss.

First, user demand to seek for their prefer sail finish and the continuance clip for the sail. Then, user is required to make full in the going month and day of the month. Anyway, the systems would inquire users how flexible are they for the going day of the month such as expand their hunt to include yearss before and after their preferable going day of the month because it is unlike flights, sails do n’t go every twenty-four hours from every port. Following, user besides need to choose their prefer sail line and sail ship. Last, user required to choose the sail going port and stated the currency for the payment intent. Now, user can snap hunt.

Second, the systems will treat all the information and shown out all the available sail. User can screen this sail position in either monetary value or ship evaluation. Now, user demand to take their prefer sail and chink on the choice button at the sail slide that they choose.

Third, user can seek for the handiness of the amusement or activity on the sail ship such as Parallel barss, Clubs & A ; Lounges, Casino & A ; Gambling, Spa, Sports & A ; Fitness, Shops, Leisure, Enrichment, Kids & A ; Families and so on. This can assist user to be aftering for this activity on the sail. User besides can see the sail Itinerary at here such as clip of arrive or going at which topographic point. Besides that, user besides can look for the handiness and the monetary value for the dinning. After the user has know all about the sail information and confirm for this sail bundle so they can snap go on for farther procedure.

Now, user demand to choose the figure of riders ( Adults or kids ) . User besides required to take their dinning penchants either personal pick dining or 2nd dining. Then, user demand to choose the tabular array size either medium, little or big. Last, user must come in their contact information.

Then, user demand to stipulate what type of stateroom class that wants to book such as Suite, Balcony Stateroom, Oceanview Stateroom and Interior Stateroom.

Fifth, user demand to identify in all elaborate information. User are required to look into the charge information and the contact information. Now, user needs to pay for this sail bundle either in debit or recognition card.

This system can bring forth more gross revenues for the Air Asia and acquire more users to utilize the Air Asia web site to be after and book for holiday.


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