“It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be uneducated,” quote by Alec Bourne. Education is what survives when what has been learned has not been forgotten. When you go to school you will forget the material learned within a day, week, month, or year, but when you experiment with it hands on then it will be better learned and remembered. Assuredly, books are built on practical experiences. Realistic experiences are built on books. Books give experiences that have not happened in one’s life.

Education comes from books and practical experience. Textbooks make experiences. Doctor read how to do surgery, but remember it only once they really go to a hospital and do one. Basically, if you don’t read how to do a surgery, how can you do one without proper directions and procedures? Auto mechanic learn the direction of how to fix problems with cars, only once they have understood the steps. Both books and experience work together to become surgeons or auto mechanics. Research gives us medication and cure for diseases only through reading books based on them.

Realistic events build on books. For instance, the famous book, The Diary of Anne Frank was only written because someone had experience it happening in their life, during the time of the Holocaust. History textbooks are written from primary and secondary sources. The American Revolution, Vietnam War, World Wars, and Civil War are all real events that took place and then were written about. Books are written after one person has gone through a personal experience. Textbooks give understanding of events that have not taken place in their life.

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For instance, divorce is one matter not everyone will not have to go through, but will learn after reading books, and one example is “Falling Apart in One Piece” by Stacy Morrison and “Split: A Memoir of Divorce” by Suzanne Finnamore. Another aspect is murder that is not necessary that one has to lose a loved one, but can learn about it by reading books, like Serial Killers and Sadistic Murderers – Up Close and Personal by Jack Levin. Furthermore, heartbreak is a hard experience to someone’s life. One day a girl’s boyfriend goes to her and tells her the relationship is over and they can’t be together anymore.

It is a difficult process to go through for one that might have not experienced it, unless they read it about. It will make someone write about it and other will learn from it. As you now know that education comes from both books and empirical experience. The three mains were explained. First, was that books are build upon realistic evidence or events, and the other way around. Secondly, real life incidents are based for works of writings. The lastly, is that everyone does not go through all the experiences in the world.


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