Background of the Problem Boon came from the word Baboon, which meaner a family of monkey. According to the owner, Baboon gives luck and blessings. Boon Technical Clothing is an institution that makes singlet for running, mountain climbing, ultimate Frisbee, training Jerseys and etc.. They also made custom designs of shorts and Jerseys and they even shift it in California, USA. Boon Technical Clothing started in the year of 2007 with the idea of Mr.. Aladdin Beanie with the help of Mr.. And Mrs.. Rooky, using only 2 sewing machines.

They darted doing sample design in his mothers tailor shop, to introduce the design to their first client Mr.. ROI Deal Cruz. And when it was approved, it gives them a big break. They worked on Mr.. Iris’s running singlet using four machines. When they get their income from Mr.. Deal Cruz, they used the money to buy some sewing machines, fabrics and more threads, to do more sample designs that they can introduce to more customers. They persist in doing transaction with some of their clients like ROI Deal Cruz for Run ROI, Eric Pacing, Kenneth SAA and GAMMA Networking Co. To earn more income.

In the year 2011 they decided to move out from his mother’s shop and have their own space. Until now they have their own 20 sewing machines, service van and a regular employee to continue their transactions to their customers. Boon Technical Clothing expands more and even has a client that is big companies like Green Field, Goldbricks, Bull Run, ANIMAL, Inquirer, Reason, GAMMA, Energize, Timex, Merely, Run ROI, Barclay All-stars, Campus, Nat. Ego and many more. The owner and the president of Boon Technical Clothing is Mr.. Aladdin Beanie, he s the one who is talking to the clients and making transactions with them.

The Vice President is Mr.. Jerry Esprit, he is helping Mr.. Beanie for running the institution. The Secretary is Mr.. Ronnie Esprit, he is the one who is listing all the breakdown of orders and he is the one who is ordering the materials they use. The finance is Mr.. Orlando Rocco, he collects the list from the workers if they meet their quota. BUSINESS RULES Products 1. The merchandise must be in Quality Control. 2. A sample would be done which would serve as a rough draft of the project, which ill present to the clients. 3. Custom made per order. 4.

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When there is no client, they are making shorts and Jerseys. Employees 1. No work No pay. 2. The salary of an employee is based on how many piece they made per order. 3. When the operation is loaded, they get an outside worker for extra help. 4. Each regular worker has their own quota of making singlet or Jerseys. 5. The workers need to fill their quotas before the deadline. 2. 2. Overview of the Current State of I genealogy The client plays a major role when it comes too project. The client is the one who revised the requirements and at times, they also provide the design.

Everything needs to be soaked by the client before the project proceeds and materializes. The next step after the design has been approved and created, a sample would be done which would serve as a rough draft of the project. Which would be presented to the client, once it has been approved by the client, a contract would be created as a form of agreement between the client and the contractor. This contract would also state the specifics of the order the materials like thread, fabric, needle, continuous, and roadbed, the breakdown of expenses and the deadline, among other things.

After signing the contract the clients will give to the contractor the list of breakdown of the sizes of the singlet or Jerseys then they will purchase the materials they need. They only buy estimated sizes or kilos of fabrics they need depending on how many orders they have . The contractor would then work on the agreed upon project, making sure to meet the target delivery time without compromising the quality of their work. Everything should be ready for delivery on or before the specified deadline to insure excellent customer service.

In their process of ordering the materials they need, they might encounter some problems like the fabrics they bought might not be enough for the orders. What if the clients want to add some more to their orders? What if the orders are insufficient or exceed? Those are the only problems they might encounter in the they process their institution. 2. 3. Project Rationale Benefits For Boon Technical Clothing The benefits that can do of our system in Boon Technical Clothing is that there will be ore faster and reliable in making their inventory and at least they will not find any hustle or difficulties in making their order of materials.

Through this system we will no longer utilized manual listing of their breakdown or listing down of the orders. The system we created is for a better purpose, useful in making an order that comes from their client, because it automatically compute if how much fabric is needed to every measurement of a certain singlet to be made. Again we will no longer utilized manual listing in breakdown of orders and shall not utilize an estimation in making n order of fabrics. The process is fast in the sense that they will know if their stock of a certain fabric is already inadequate to the supply they need.

Indeed through this useful monitor of this system there is a fast and convenient for ordering the materials they need. Due to this automatic system the owner will find convenience while ordering a fast and exact size of fabric that they will be needed. And perhaps through this system the maker can easily find out if there is an insufficient or exceeding singlet. The rationale behind making this system is that: To facilitate modernity in our economic and marketing standardization. A convenience and organized way in making an inventory. And with the use of our system we will be able to share additional learning and economically useful and helpful in the near future. Benefits in our Group For us students, tents project gave us a great Detent t. One AT ten Detentes Tanat we nave helped our fellow men, we helped them to facilitate their inventory and at least they will not find any hustle or difficulties in purchasing their material. It increased our knowledge and experience in designing and creating databases.

We also learned to interact and become more resourceful in making thesis and it enhances our knowledge even more. We also changed the outlook in terms of assiduous. We learned being patience and focus primarily on our doings. And as Information Technology students, it also helps us in our future work and we knew where we would be more productive. It makes our relationship grew stronger. We learned to act and think as a group. We also learned to listen to the opinion of our co-members ND we trust each member being able to do the assignment in our duties.

We also learned to be positive no matter how hard this thesis is. The rationale behind making this thesis is that: * To test our skills and knowledge in designing and making databases or system. * To enhance and learn more in databases and system analysis even if we’re inside or outside the school premises. And with the help of this thesis it teaches us to be more resourceful, creative and productive in making databases which can help to be who we are in the near future. Benefits for the Future IT Students

The benefits that can gain of where IT students in making a certain thesis that our thesis serves as a guideline in which it provides an additional knowledge, ideas and information in making their own thesis on research, and perhaps this will also serve as a research reference. Indeed this type of thesis will not Just help the IT students, due to the advance of information and knowledge based it particularly change the status or an impact to a certain micro and macro enterprises. Furthermore, by making this thesis we were able to enhance or improve the quality of life to a certain group or individuals.


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