Born and brought up in the Indian Society culture, I
have been taught to give to the society your heart and soul. Being a woman,
there is the much greater responsibility upon me, as we learned in our
upbringing, to play a greater role in the making of a civilized society.  My family always strives the best for me. I
would like to thank my parents the most. They are among the front-runners in the
society for breaking the taboo of girl being a burden upon parents and made me
study and that too in my interested areas. They gave me the freedom to take
time and study as much as I can, where marriages at an early age are prevalent.

Coastal science is a very dear subject to me,
because I belong to that state i.e. Gujarat which shares maximum coastline
boundary of the country, around 1600 kilometers which in itself is greater than
most of the countries. India has one of the longest coastlines in the world,
extending for about 7600 kilometers but compared to other countries India lags
behind in coastal protection and sustainability aspects. Coastal zone in India
are assumed to be crucially important because of high productivity of its
ecosystem and concentration of population. Coastal erosion, Floods and land
degradation are severe problems, particularly for a country like India facing
explosive population growth. People living in coastal areas are more
vulnerable. This problem affects me the most and I really wish to work on
finding a solution.

 I started my
schooling at the central school. My academics marks were average. But from the
beginning, I am close to nature whether drawing or projects or any other
co-curricular activities, nature has been close to me. That’s the reason I
pursued the graduation in Geology, and also post-graduation in Climate Change.
Although my grades were not up to the mark in the graduation.  At that point of time, I was feeling
embarrassed and was unable to focus on further studies. But later my elder
brother walked up to me and advised me not to worry and told me if you really
love what you do then go for it without worrying about results. Boosted up by
my family and friends, I further pursued my post-graduation with the flying
colors. That was one of the proudest achievements of my life and I came to
learn if you really working hard, nothing can stop you. I am kind of person who
is immensely involved in something if it interests me and will be dedicated
towards it. In addition, my determination for nature’s love bagged me the
junior research fellow at the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research
Foundation. With each and every opportunity, I am gaining a comprehensive
understanding of the world, absorbing every topic of geology, climate change,
remote sensing, biodiversity, coastal science etc.

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worked in multiple fields and with various organizations, now I can work more
comfortably with the subject I am interested in. With all these efforts I
further want to continue my journey in this field. I am definitely determined
to go in that direction and want to grow up my career in that. The Coastal
Science and Policy Program will provide the strong background I desire in order
to shape my future research interests. Its competitive program but I know I
have tools and determination to excel in such stimulating and challenging


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