1. Description:

The undertaking is entitled as “BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is developed by Visual Basic as front terminal and MS-Access as the back terminal. This undertaking is designed to supply the easy entree to keep the studies of dress shop service. This undertaking is really utile to the all type of dress shop service. By utilizing this undertaking we can keep the studies of placing-order and bringing inside informations. client inside informations. inside informations. subdivision office inside informations and working staff inside informations. This undertaking is developed with the aid of ocular basic 6. 0. Boutique service is necessary and of import for the society. A dress shop is a small-scale to medium-scale store employed to order natural frock stuffs. customized tailoring and delivered by the given day of the month.

Boutiques are distinguished from ordinary to expensive studio by characteristics such as advanced techniques of perfect manner orienting. specialisation and individualisation of services. and committed bringing clip. which are optional for most mundane services. As a particular service. dress shops are normally expensive than usual dress shop services. and their usage is typically restricted to type of orders where one or more of these characteristics are considered of import plenty to justify the cost. Different dress shop services operate on all graduated tables. from within specific towns or metropoliss. to regional. national and planetary services. In metropoliss. there are frequently many dress shops for assorted fortes. Owner operate entirely or in little groups. . Here we design the undertaking which involves the undermentioned information base.

* Placing-Order and bringing inside informations
* Delivery Status
* Customer inside informations
* Branch office inside informations
* Employee inside informations

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The placing-order and bringing database incorporate the information about the fabric orienting booking day of the months and client name. bringing day of the month. and bringing study. The bringing study has information such as the having individual mark and whether the goods are delivered with good status or non. the day of the month and clip of bringing. The client database contains information about regular client inside informations such as client name. reference and their histories inside informations. Normally the dress shop stores may or may non hold subdivisions across the metropoliss and state so the subdivision office’s net income and engagement. bringing inside informations are maintained in the different database. The employee informations base contain the personal inside informations of staff such as employee name. reference. informations of connection. salary per month. nomadic figure. blood group.


System analysis is a procedure of garnering the facts refering the system interrupting them into elements and relationship between elements. It provides a model for visualising the organizational and environmental factors that operate on a system. The quality of work performed by a machine is normally unvarying. neat and more dependable when compared to making the same operations manually.

2. 1 EXISTING System

The Placing-Order inside informations. the client inside informations and the Delivery Details are maintained manually. The survey of the bing system revealed that the system has several drawbacks.


* The bing system has no security step against logging in and no cheques are made for authorised users. * The terminal user has to retrieve a batch of bid to do efficient usage of the system. * The system does non hold any descriptive studies and therefore did non assist direction in decision-making. * The Delivery information per twenty-four hours is sometimes unable to happen. * Enormous sum of clip is consumed


The proposed system is been developed to keep the Boutique Management for clients to keep the Placing-Order inside informations. Customer inside informations. Delivery inside informations. etc. .


* The user can come in merely if the username and the watchword are right.
* The procedure of planning will be easy since every procedure is computerized.
* Time Saving.
* The Delivery information per twenty-four hours and per month can be known.
* The inside informations of the all saved information can be viewed.
* The informations can be accessed easy whenever needed and so the manual work can be reduced



Processor: PENTIUM IV
Difficult DISK CAPACITY: 40 GB
FLOPPY DISK DRIVE: 1. 44 Megabit
Printer: TVS 80 COLOR
Keyboard: LOGITECH OF 104 KEYS
CPU CLOCK: 1. 08 GHz


Front End: VISUAL BASIC6. 0 Back End: MS-Access 2003

Software Detailss

Front End

Ocular Basic ( VB ) is a computing machine programming linguistic communication. VB is the third-generation event-driven scheduling linguistic communication an Intregrated Development Environment ( IDE ) from Microsoft for its COM scheduling theoretical account. VB is besides considered a comparatively easy to larn and utilize programming linguistic communication. because of its graphical development characteristics and BASIC heritage.

Ocular Basic was derived from BASIC and enables the rapid application development ( RAD ) of graphical user interface ( GUI ) applications. entree to databases utilizing Data Access Objects. Remote Data Objects. or ActiveX Data Objects. and creative activity of ActiveX controls and objects. Scripting linguistic communications such as VBA and VBScript are syntactically similar to Visual Basic. but perform otherwise. A coder can set together an application utilizing the constituents provided with Visual Basic itself. Programs written in Visual Basic can besides utilize the Windows API. but making so requires external map declarations.

Back End

Microsoft Office Access. antecedently known as Microsoft Access. is a relational database direction system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and package development tools. It is a member of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Access can utilize informations stored in Access/Jet. Microsoft SQL Server. Oracle. or any ODBC-compliant informations container ( including MySQL and PostgreSQL ) . Skilled package developers and informations designers use it to develop application package. Relatively unskilled coders and non-programmer “power users” can utilize it to construct simple applications. It supports some object-oriented techniques but falls short of being a to the full object-oriented development tool. Access was besides the name of a communications plan from Microsoft. meant to vie with ProComm and other plans. This proved a failure and was dropped.

Old ages subsequently Microsoft reused the name for its database package. Access version 1. 0 was released in November 1992. Since that clip. the undermentioned versions have been released: 2. 0. 95. 97. 2000. 2002 ( besides called XP ) . 2003. and the latest. 2007. Microsoft specified the lower limit operating system for Version 2. 0 as Microsoft Windows v3. 0 with 4 MB of RAM. 6 MB RAM was recommended along with a lower limit of 8 MB of available difficult disc infinite ( 14 MB difficult disc infinite recommended ) . The merchandise was shipped on seven 1. 44 MB floppies. The manual shows a 1993 right of first publication day of the month. The package worked good with really big records sets but proving showed some fortunes caused informations corruptness.

For illustration. file sizes over 700 Megabits were debatable ( note that most difficult discs were smaller than 700 MB at the clip this was in broad usage ) . The Getting Started manual warns about a figure of fortunes where disused device drivers or wrong constellations can do informations loss. Access’s initial codename was Cirrus ; the signifiers engine was called Ruby. This was before Ocular Basic – Bill Gates saw the paradigms and decided that the BASIC linguistic communication constituent should be co-developed as a separate expandible application. a undertaking called Thunder. The two undertakings were developed individually as the underlying signifiers engines were incompatible with each other ; nevertheless. these were merged together once more after VBA.


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