Brand image is the key application
found in marketing a product by marketers. Usually, the brand is a set of
characteristics and feature possesses a specific thing which gives benefits to
the consumers by adding values to it. A brand becomes brand when marketers add
values in it which differentiates on the product from other products.

Different types of business go
towards branding to distinguish and differentiate competitor product from their
products (Baker, 1996; Dibb et al., 1997; Kotler, 1997). The brand usually has
that set of values and features which it must be associated with the brand
(Baker, 1996) and determine the product/service in the global market (Cooke,
1996). As Pearson (1996, p. 6)

The brand must be unique in itself
to crate activity on marketing ground because it is very important. Once the
brand has been established, now it create it place to the target that
the product will be offered.  For doing
so all the brand activities must be fulfilling the consumer’s expectation. For
example, if consumers are not satisfied with the price when quality is compare so
the tendency for pulsating intension also goes down (Cooke, 1996).

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Organization now a days give more attention
to the consumers suggestion and how organization’s employees can do better to
create its product unique from rest of the market offerings for that instance
organization are now giving more importance to create a strong cooperate culture
and set of values(Chernatony, 1999). On broader perspective, Rubinstein (1996) content
that branding is now out of communicable range it should now function as a separate
business. Furthermore, the entire department collectively contributing towards
the development of brand image not only the marking department is responsible
for this particular purpose. To make brand a brand there must be combined
effort of the entire department from input-process-output. (1997, p. 13) Indiana
goes one step ahead and suggests that the branding concept can be directly applied
at the corporate level. Branding has now become the corporate practice that incorporates
the links between combined tasks of staff different stages of developing brand
image from placing, marketing and manufacturing (Chernatony, 1999). In
attempting to achieve such corporate branding, there are number of inherent
problem which need to be identified. To brand a product there are some physical
parameters such as form, packaging and labeling, which collectively forms a
brand. The organization that is attempting to create a brand has a higher level
of intangibility, complexity and social responsibility, making it much more
difficult to build a same brand. Regardless of all this difficulty, the importance
of branding at the corporate level cannot be left unfocused. This is integral
for service business. As Berry (2000, p. 128) explains:

Developing brand image plays a vital
role in service companies because credible brands increase customers’ trust of
the frequent purchase. Strong brands made customers to better evaluate and
understand service products. They minimize customers’ perceived financial,
social, or safety risk in buying product of a service nature, which are
difficult to evaluate before purchase. Strong names are the surrogates that
only the name is enough for the credibility of the product as endorsed a strong
credibility and trustworthiness.

For services and tangible products, employees’ point
of view towards the organization and brand e.g. in terms of pride or passion is
an important element in the organization of branding (Chernatony and Harris,
2000). The way brand is marketed to the people is the most important thing.


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