In May 2000. two tourers from Georgia were outside the Ramada Inn. The married woman was shot in the caput in forepart of her hubby and the slayer fled. During this conscientious probe. constabulary picked up a 15-year-old pupil ( Brenton Butler ) . who was on his manner to subject a occupation application to a local Blockbuster Video. Butler was brought to the victim’s hubby. who identified him as the slayer. Police brought Butler in for oppugning. and he confessed to the slaying. both orally and in composing. in forepart of at least two investigators. State Attorney Harry Shorstein decided to prosecute the instance. During the test. Butler testified that two investigators involved in the probe. including Michael Glover. boy of the so current Sheriff Nat Glover. had intimidated and physically abused him into squealing. Butler was represented by Patrick McGuinness and Ann Finnell. two lawyers from the Public defender’s office. They supplied a exposure of Butler with contusions on his face. which they claimed was the consequence of the question.

The jury deliberated for less than an hr before assoiling Butler. This was a instance that was all over the media and from the start had people believing he had done it. While watching the picture in category. it had me truly believing. I merely did non believe anything the prosecuting officers were stating. Nothing was doing sense to me. the confession. and the oculus informant. I merely did non believe that Brenton Butler had killed 65 twelvemonth old Mary Ann Stephens. This instance was a batch different than the Fritzhugh picture instance. we had seen the hebdomad before. I believed that her hubby had murdered her from the really start. It did non do any sense why he had to convey people to look into on his married woman. and the bloody apparels in the auto. Like I said. the Brenton Butler instance had no existent grounds to me. where the fritzhugh instance. was excessively much grounds.


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