Me and a business partner are starting a SMALL brick and mortar nostalgic record store. My partner does not have much experience with information systems or technology and NEEDS a basic understanding of the diff types of information systems available to businesses. Write a proposal of the 5 types of information systems that would work well and their BENEFITS/DRAWBACKS for our SMALL brick and mortar nostalgic record store. Purpose: The purpose of a project proposal is to determine if a proposed project is feasible, practical, and worth pursuing.

Who Writes the Proposal? The project proposal is usually developed from discussions among key stakeholders, and is generally written by marketing personnel, a project sponsor, or a project manager. What Should a Proposal Contain? The project proposal should address at least the following questions, but this too depends on the corporate culture, and should therefore be adapted accordingly. * Describe the problem to be solved or the need to be met. * Describe the factual evidence that defines the problem or need. Verify the accuracy of the factual evidence, both qualitatively and quantitatively. * * Next, the solution to the need (or problem) is to be evaluated. How well does it * meet the need? Who are the competitors, and how will the new product fit into the * market window * In most cases, the problem solution becomes the goal of the project. Whenever possible, the goal should be: * Specific * ? Measurable * ? Achievable * ? Relevant to the corporate strategy * ? Time-lined. Either marketing personnel, or a customer will identify the product requirements–what the product is expected to do, and how it must perform. Requirements at this stage are embryonic and will be defined during the project planning processes. Most customers don’t know what they want until they know what you can provide * The proposed project should be evaluated against the overall strategies of the corporation to ensure that it is properly aligned with its strategic goals. Business strategies may include any one of the following: * ?

Delayed Revenue Generation. Defer immediate return on investment in favor of generating revenue from long-term product operations and support. * ? Market Penetration. Saturate market at near cost value to become the dominant leader. * ? Immediate Revenue Generation. Produce a maximum return on investment in the shortest possible period. * Provide a top-level description of the overall scope of the project. At this point, not enough information is typically available to describe scope in detail. This will take place during the initial planning stage of the project.

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However, the general description of the project’s scope should be sufficient for making rough estimates of the project’s schedule and costs. * Any identifiable obstacles and risks (threats) that might prevent the successful attainment of the project goals must be considered. Each risk must be analyzed, quantified, and prioritized as much as possible with the information available at this stage of a new project. Risk responses, including mitigations, risk sharing, risk avoidance, and risk tolerances should be described in this portion of the project proposal. * Once a general product concept is established, and its requirements are proposed, * An estimate of the project’s duration is to be made. Since most information at this stage is very general, only a top-level schedule duration estimate can be made, and it is usually given as a range estimate, such as “the schedule duration is estimated to be between 19 to 26 months. * Order of magnitude cost estimates are also made as part of the project proposal, and like the schedule estimate, are usually given as a range, such as, “the cost is estimated to be between $2. to $2. 6 Million. ” Cash flow tables, projected returnon investment, and funding requirements are also considered in this step. * Before a project can be authorized it is vital that a corporation consider the resources needed to support it. Resources include needed personnel, equipment, facilities, processes, and funding. Should insufficient resources be available it may be necessary to either outsource portions of the project, or reduce its scope to fall within available resources.


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